Director Resources

RCP Director's Guide

The RCP Director's Guide should be the first thing any new director reads. It contains the whole kit-and-kaboodle on how to run an RC Players show. It also includes general policies, as well as those that pertain just to RC Players and has a Director's Timeline to help you plan your show (in case you forget about something).

Click here to download a copy.

RCP Publicity

RCP can help you advertise for your show. Don’t forget about your Diag boards, and visit for details on how to create and submit your Diag boards. Contact the board to get in touch with the Publicity Officer for additional help and resources.

Techie Email List

If you want to canvass technical support for your show - whether it be for an elaborate set, sound effects, or dramatic lighting - the RCP Board maintains a list of ready and willing techies. Contact them, preferably at least one or two weeks in advance, to the people that you will need need. Customarily, a director will arrange for tech people not long after auditions are out of the way and tell them what is involved in the production. Jobs like sound, lighting, or projections are often managed largely at the discretion of the techie assigned to the task, but if a complicated set is involved, it is not uncommon for a skilled person to be appointed to organize the set-building operation and crew.