Abstinence Pays

The highly contested Latrina sleeps off her hangover.
The beginnings of a mock-heroic duel for Latrina.
Latrina calmly observes a comic duel to the death in her honor.

Late night TV Cacauphony

A swirl of parodied characters represent the horrors of late night TV.
Martha Stewart makes an appearance.

The Still Alarm

"This hotel is burning down? Really?"
"Well if the building is burning down, I jolly well ought to do something about it!"

Sticky Words

Ruthie shares the many trials of harsh words that stick.

Fatal Beatings

The principal sneers as she tells what a horrible student Mrs. Perkins's son once was.
Most people don't take the death of their children very well...

Girls and Hot Chocolate

The first girlfriend; at least she's pretty...
A stranger in the park who gives some advice, and almost becomes a love interest.
The apartment's resident Yoda shares her wisdom.

Morning Variations

The everyday office workers begin another Monday.
"If you buy green paperclips, we can stop the invasion of mongooses."
"You think I'm just the secretary! Think again!"
The dastardly masters Brown and Green, plotting to have mongooses eat our brains.