Proposal Process Information

Basic Information

If you like theater, you've come to the right spot. If you want to direct a theatrical production you couldn't be in a better spot. Not only do we have the brand new Keene Theater and is available for rehearsal time (but usually only during your tech week or in the wee hours of the night), but we have additional rehearsal space, a costume room fully equipped with costumes, a set room fully equipped with materials for making set including some pre-made walls and so forth, a prop room with a wide assortment of props, not to mention the human know-how on hand and we can provide you with other sources of funding. How do you like them apples?

You like them apples a lot, believe me. So, now that you know the possibilities, you've got two options: you can either direct a scene for Evening of Scenes (EOS) or assistant direct a Full Length. It is highly recommended that future directors direct a scene for EOS to get accustomed to the RCP methods, but it is required that you have either fulfilled the "prerequisite directing experience", which means apprenticing as an assistant director on a Full Length Production or having prior full-length directing experience from some other reputable organization.

Evening Of Scenes

This is just a fun time and great for experience. Basically, it's very simple. You find a short scene ranging from 5-10 minutes, we'll help you with auditions - and the rest is up to you. It only requires about 2 weeks of rehearsal and is tons of fun. Many people write their own scene to direct or adapt one from a book they've read, or just find a scene from a show they like. Then, you fill out the Evening of Scenes Proposal Form by the deadline (as listed on the form) and chances are good it'll be accepted.

Full Length Production

Assuming you've met the "prerequisite directing experience" you can move on to directing bigger and better things. This proposal process requires a bit more work than the scene does. To propose a Full Length Production complete, the Full Length Proposal Form. This requires you to convey to us a thorough understanding of what show you want to do and how you plan to do it. The more information you have, the more your chances should improve. This also requires you to turn in at least 3 copies of the show you propose, each with a copy of your proposal form. All of the information should be on the form to help you through the process, if you have any problems viewing the form, email the RCP Board at

More about the "Prerequisite Directing Experience"

This requirement must be filled before we accept your Full Length Production Proposal Plan. We require this so you understand how the RC Players operates and what resources you have your fingertips, and so you can make a better and more thorough proposal. It's very easy to direct a scene for Evening of Scenes but you must either assistant direct a Full Length Production or have prior directing experience with a reputable organization. So fill out a form, or keep your eyes peeled to the website on opportunities to assistant direct one of our shows.