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Jumpstart Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan trains and supports teams of UM students in their efforts to help at-risk or low-income children in preschool classrooms build language, literacy, social and initiative skills. The program allows undergraduates to explore the world of early childhood education, earn an income using their work study award, be eligible for a $1,000 AmeriCorps education award, participate in community service events, gain a deeper understanding of themselves,increase their awareness of the diverse communities they serve and most importantly, change a child's life.

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UM-Ready to Learn Project

The Ready to Learn research program focuses on developing and assessing scientifically-based literacy curricula for use in early childhood (pre-K and K) classrooms, online education for teachers and care providers, and resources for parents and families. In collaboration with the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting system, funded through the U.S. Department of Education, collectively, our goal is to create a 360 degree surround of information representing the highest quality of scientifically-based research and practice in reading for children, teachers, and parents.

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Project Great Start
Professional Development Initiative

The Project Great Start Professional Development Initiative is a research-based professional development program designed to improve the knowledge and skills of early childhood educators.

In collaboration with community colleges across the state, and with the Michigan 4C association, this initiative is targeted to provide caregivers in urban early childhood settings access to quality educational experiences through coursework and on-site coaching.

In this way, we work toward building caregivers' knowledge and skills, increasing the quality of care available to children who are at risk and need additional social and emotional support to build school readiness skills.

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