From Tim Gerdes, President of the Michigan Snowboard Club:

Just a heads up on the current stats of the club.  We are still planning        
on going on trips during MLK and spring break, among other things.              
Our new official website is at
We will no longer be using, or this mailing list.  You
will have to re-sign up through the new website to get onto the email lists.

Hopefully everything will be fully functional soon (after i finish up a
few school projects) 
dues this year will be $10, or $15 if you want a shirt (same black shirts       
as last year)                                                                   
The mass meeting will be at 8:00 on Tuesday, Oct 1st in the league              
ballroom.  Feel free to come to the meeting to hear our plans for the           
year.  We are also going to have a social get-together on Friday, Oct 4th       
at Good Time Charley's from 4-6pm. (This will be posted on the website).
These are 2 good opportunities to pay dues.                                     
Hope to see you all soon-                                                       
Tim Gerdes                                                                      
MSC President