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Non-coding ribonucleic acid (RNA) has recently been found to be the key component, often capable of enzymatic action, in a multitude of essential cellular processes, such as gene regulation - through processes including RNA interference and riboswitching -, translation, and splicing. RNA thus is increasingly finding important applications in modern biotechnology and medicine, for example as biosensor and gene therapeutic agent. Just look at recent issues of Science  and Nature .

We explore the world of such catalytic RNAs, or "ribozymes", as well as other non-protein coding RNAs by using single-molecule and bulk-solution biochemical and biophysical tools. Which means that we work on fascinating biological catalysts at the interface of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics.

Single-molecule techniques are now being made more widely available to those who are not experts in the field. See the article that appeared in U.S. News concerning the opening of University of Michigan's Single Molecule Analysis in Real Time (SMART) Center.

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