In the News

The University Record, April 2015 -- "Seven receive Harold R. Johnson Diversity Service Awards"

BioOptics World News!, 1/21/2015 -- "Detecting single molecules" Full News in pdf format.

EurekAlert!, 5/25/2014 -- "DNA nanotechnology places enzyme catalysis within an arm's length"

The University Record, March 2011 -- "Single-molecule science is focus of new SMART Center"

Science News, August 2010 -- "DNA on the Move: Nanobot 'spiders' learn how to walk"

La Recherche, Juillet-Aout 2010 -- "Les machines moleculaires en marche"

Popular Mechanics, 5/17/10 -- "Spiders at the Nanoscale: Molecules that Behave like Robots"

The Register, 5/14/10 -- "Boffins demo one-molecule DNA 'walker' nano-bot: Tiny four-tentacle machine follows origami breadcrumbs"

InventorSpot, 5/14/10 -- "DNA Spider Robots - Autonomous, Creepy, and Possibly Useful"

SciTechStory, 5/14/10 -- "Nanotech spiders: On track with molecular robotics"

NanoWiki, 5/15/10 -- "Molecular Robots"

C&EN, 5/12/10 -- "Rise of the DNA Robots"

University of Michigan News Service, 5/12/10 -- "Spiders at the nanoscale: Molecules that behave like robots"

Nature News and Views, 5/12/10 -- "Molecular robots on the move"

Caltech, 5/12/10 -- "Spiders at the Nanoscale: Molecules that Behave Like Robots"

Discover, 5/12/10 -- "Enter the nano-spiders - independent walking robots made of DNA"

Science, 5/12/10 -- "Nano-Roboter mit DNA-Beinen"

The Scientist, 5/12/10 -- "DNA robots get sophisticated"

University of Michigan News Services, 3/21/10 -- "Spying on a cellular director in the cutting room"

C&E News, 3/1/10 -- "The More the Merrier: New evidence proves that RNAs can take on multiple folded forms, just as proteins do" The International Journal of Life Science Methods, 2/25/10 -- "Biophysical Society Meeting: From pores to spiders"

Former graduate student and Walter lab alumnus John Hoerter receives prestigious ACS 2008-2010 Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship

Single Molecule Enzymology and Biosensing

RNA and Water

Chemical Bonding Center for Molecular Cybernetics

AstroBiology Magazine, 8/23/06 -- "Water is Essential for Bonding at RNA Parties"

Biocompare Life Science News, 8/22/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It"

BiologyNews.In, 8/22/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it"

Biology News Net, 8/23/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It"

BrightSurf, 8/23/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it"

ChemLin Virtual Chemistry Library, 8/22/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it", 8/23/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it"

Innovations Report, 8/25/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it"

Medical News Today, 8/25/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It (Also carried on and

National Institute of General Medical Sciences, 8/21/06 -- "RNA Enzymes Need Water"

PhysOrg, 8/22/06 -- "Rehydrate - your RNA needs it"

Science Daily, 8/22/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It"

YubaNet, 8/23/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It"

The All I Need, 9/15/06 -- "Rehydrate - Your RNA Needs It"