Welcome to Saadhanai!

Here you will find information about Saadhanai, the Indian classical music group at the University of Michigan.

To everyone who came to our performance, thank you! We hope that it will be the first of many.

Please click on the links at the bottom to find out more about Indian music and classes.



Tuesday Sept. 10 @ 7:30 pm

Sophia B. Jones room (in the Michigan Union)



This year Saadhanai, in conjunction with NetOhm and the Hindu Students Council, is proud to present

Dhol Baaje 2002

A Night of Raas, Garba, and Bhangra!

When:   Friday Sept 13, 8pm - 12 pm

Where:  Michigan Union Ballroom

Why:     Because you cant have this much fun  for $4!

For further information, please contact

Deepak Khandelwal (dkhandel@umich.edu)

Nirav Desai (desain@engin.umich.edu)

Net-Ohm (netohm-board@umich.edu)



Music Classes: New session starts on Sept. 18.  This year there are new guidelines to follow, in an effort to make everything easier on both the students and the teacher.  A complete explanation can be found here.