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University of Michigan
Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs (SACUA)

August 25, 2014
Monday, 3:15
Regents Room
Fleming Building

3:15  Call to Order/ Approval of Agenda and Minutes
3:20  Announcements
3:25  Status Reports
       - Model and Unit Grievance Procedures
       - Office of Institutional Equity procedures
       - Ongoing grievances and Faculty Hearing Board inquiries
       - Fitness for Duty and Professional Standards for Faculty SPGs and Tenure
       - Unit deviations from University-wide policies and procedures
       - Total compensation propriety and transparency
       - Administrative Services and IT Rationalization, implementation and oversight
       - Senate Rules amendments
3:30  Actions on Scholarship Task Force and Research Policy Committee reports
3:35  Newsletter topics
3:40  Unfinished Business
3:45  Executive Session
5:00  Adjournment

NEXT SACUA MEETING: September 8, 2014