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Start of season work party Saturday Apr 26th at 10am.
Business Meeting Saturday Apr 26th at 1pm.
Regular hours start in May. Some limited sailing prior to that on weekends if the weather is nice.
April Presentations:
Sailing the Reach and Downwind April 17
Dryland Refresher April 24
All presentations at 7:00pm Duderstadt building North Campus
MCSA Women's Qualifiers May - May 3 & 4 (Open sailing will be limited)

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Statement from Lynn Zwinck

Candidate for Secretary

As secretary for the Michigan Sailing Club, I'll provide accurate, pertinent, and user-friendly information via minutes, announcements, websites (UM and Facebook) and reference records. With experience in all these mediums, I can smoothly transition into the role of secretary. Also, I'm familiar with all the Club officers' roles, so I can fill in if another officer is out of town.

To share a bit about me, I started sailing a year ago and quickly grew to love the sport and the Club. Every time I turn down the Club's driveway and see the first bit of blue pop through the trees, I get a big smile. Whether sailing, teaching sailing, kayaking, helping with maintenance, or hanging out, I find the club a peaceful retreat. Besides sailing, I'm into piano, dance, statistics, and cooking. I hope to serve the Club as secretary for the next year or more!

See you at the lake,