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Start of season work party Saturday Apr 26th at 10am.
Business Meeting Saturday Apr 26th at 1pm.
Regular hours start in May. Some limited sailing prior to that on weekends if the weather is nice.
April Presentations:
Sailing the Reach and Downwind April 17
Dryland Refresher April 24
All presentations at 7:00pm Duderstadt building North Campus
MCSA Women's Qualifiers May - May 3 & 4 (Open sailing will be limited)

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Windsurfers set sail for fun

By Mary Quinley

Special to the Detroit News

Peggy Glahn of Ann Arbor loves to be outdoors. And, she says, when an activity, such as windsurfing, involves the water, it's even better.

Windsurfing is wonderful, "and it's addictive!" says Glahn, 37, who tries to windsurf at least a couple of times a week during the summer months.

[Windsurfers on Baseline Lake]

People who participate in the sport don't necessarily have to be in great physical shape, she says. "It's a good all-around sport for people that are not athletically gifted."

Windsurfing is the sport of sailing on a board, similar to a surfboard, with an added sail to make it more versatile. The windsurfer stands on the board and uses the sail to steer.

On Saturday, the Grosse Pointe Windsurfing Club and the University of Michigan Sailing Club are offering a Learn to Windsurf program. Beginner windsurfer races will be Sunday.

Anyone who knows how to swim and is in generally good health is eligible to participate in the free events.

"Windsurfing is a balance sport, not a muscle sport," says Paul Johnson, a windsurfing instructor from Ann Arbor.

At Saturday's workshop, participants will have an opportunity to practice basic maneuvers on a land simulator. Safety issues are a primary part of the instruction. Weather permitting, the new windsurfers will try their skills in the water.

The hardest part of learning, Johnson says, is just getting going. "People have to learn (when they're standing on the board) to lean back a little and hold on to the uphaul (the line that is attached to the mast) with both hands."

Nat Siddall, who has been windsurfing for about five years, likes to practice his racing skills with other members of the Grosse Pointe Windsurfing Club.

"Anyone can windsurf. There is something challenging in the sport no matter how good you get," says Siddall of Chelsea. "I'm still learning."


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