Fifty people participated in the 5TH Annual Bone Chiller Festival on Sunday October 30th, 2005 at the University of Michigan Sailing Club.


15 boats raced in the REGATTA portion with 5 different classes being represented. The UM Sailing Team fielded 5 boats, UMSC had 9 boats and 1 private boat attended. The time-dependent handicap scoring was provided by the excellent Race Committee of Mark Allen, Tom Podgorski, Reiner Witte and Neil Marsh.

The top finishers were:

1)       Paul Townsend and crew Lito Tejada (Albacore)

2)       Carey Jones and crew Jenny Lee  (JY15)

3)       David Ellis and crew Lisa Vandenbossche  (420)

4)       Akiko Kamimura and Michael Barrs  (JY15)

5)       Nobuyuki Orikasa  (Laser)



The last race of the regatta turned into a Pirate Race. After sailing a regular race the teams had to follow clues and perform sailing tasks such as tying a bowline and sailing backwards before actually finishing. The top finishers in this race were:

1)       Paul Townsend and Dan Roney

2)       Akiko and Michael

3)       Carey and Jenny

4)       Nobuyuki

5)       Jon Liberzon and Bruce Martin (420)



This event was dominated by “Pirate Jack” (Rick Szumski) earning an impressive 16 of 40 votes. 

Second place went to the “Grim Reaper” (Neil Marsh)  with 7 votes. 

Third place was tied between the following with 3 votes each:

“Princess Akiko”

“Paul Bunyan” (Ginger Smith)

“Dead Dorothy” (Meg Gower)

“Martha” (Evan Quasney)

“Rasta Pirate” (Bruce Martin)

Also receiving votes were “Dracula” (Donna Snyder),  and “Howard Stern” (Paul Townsend). 

This writer thinks the late-coming lady pirate “Calico Bess Kidd” (Lisa Pappas)  also deserved to place.


In PIRATE TRIVA all bets were off as participants struggled to answer tough questions such as “Who were the Corsairs?’ ” and “Were ‘Escudos’ pieces-of-eight made of silver or gold?” 

1st place: Jim Rennell and Jon Liberzon with 19 correct answers out of 40. 

In close second were Akiko, Nobuyuki, and Ryan Dibble, each with 17 correct answers.  Third place was a tie between Samir Malpathak, Ginger Smith, and Kevin Bosley.


A TEAM score, combining all events, was won by the team of Michele Blinder, Patty Maher, Jon Liberzon, Meg Gower and Carey Jones.


Lastly, the first ever UMSC ART EXHIBITION featured the works of Patty, Meg, Myron Brownie, Claudia Raithel, Tamar Charney and Jack Wyman. Myron handily won “Best of Show” with his oil paintings of nautical scenes.


A huge “thank-you” to all the participants and the many volunteers who helped to plan and execute this event, especially Patty, Ryan, Michele, Lisa Pappas, Lisa Farmer, Ginger and Phil.  Very special thanks goes to Kevin, who went all out providing a wonderful home-made lunch for the masses. THANKS TO ALL FOR A FUN DAY.