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Start of season work party Saturday Apr 26th at 10am.
Business Meeting Saturday Apr 26th at 1pm.
Regular hours start in May. Some limited sailing prior to that on weekends if the weather is nice.
April Presentations:
Sailing the Reach and Downwind April 17
Dryland Refresher April 24
All presentations at 7:00pm Duderstadt building North Campus
MCSA Women's Qualifiers May - May 3 & 4 (Open sailing will be limited)

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Dan Rice Memorial Regatta 2003 Sailors (alphabetical order)

  1. Third Place Finishers Co-skippers: Razvan Adam and Akiko Kamimura (sail #2, hull #88)
  2. First Place Finishers Skipper: Mark Allen and Crew: Stephanie Schneiderman
  3. Skipper: Richard Altendorfer and Crew: Madhumati Ramesh (sail #5, hull #90)
  4. Co-skippers: Asya Ayzenburg and Paul Johnson (sail #9, hull #82)
  5. Skipper: John Barker and Crew: Anthony Palmer (sail #1, hull #80)
  6. Co-skippers: Marc Church and Feng Jiang (sail #10, hull #85)
  7. Skipper: Brenda Donaldson and Crew: Kate Mehuron (sail #14, hull #86)
  8. Co-skippers: Zoran Filipi and Al Pacha (sail #13, hull #84)
  9. Second Place Finishers Skipper: Meg Gower and Crew: Carey Jones (sail #3, hull #87)
  10. Co-skippers: Shawn Grannell and Michael Martin (sail #11, hull #81)
  11. Skipper: Thomas Jabusch and Crew: Monica Fry (sail #4, hull #79)
  12. Skipper: Ian MacGregor and Crew: Crisca Bierwert (sail #12, hull #77)
  13. Skipper: Samir Malpathak and Crew: Jim Radley (sail #6, hull #78)
  14. Skipper: Paul Townsend and Crew: Patty Maher (sail #8, hull #89)