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Our regular hours for open sailing are
10-6 Saturdays & Sundays, 6:30 to sunset Mon-Fri. more info...
Spring Laser Regatta Sun June 15th
Boat school every Saturday 9am-noon.
Racing every Sunday at 10am. and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

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Dan Rice Memorial Regatta 2005 Sailors (alphabetical order)

  1. Co-skippers: Tamara Bishop and Neil Marsh (sail# 1, hull# 90)
  2. Co-skippers: Monica Fry and Michael Martin (sail# 3, hull# 80)

  3. Co-skippers: Shawn Grannell and John Wyderko (sail# 4, hull# 83)
  4. Third Place Finishers Skipper: Meg Gower and Crew: Hans Lawitzke (sail# 11, hull# 77)
  5. First Place Finishers Skipper: Akiko Kamimura and Crew: Michael Barrs (sail# 2, hull# 88)
  6. Co-skippers: Samir Malpathak and Ian McGregor (sail# 6, hull# 79)
  7. Skipper: Nobuyuki Orisaka and Crew: Ryan Dibble (sail# 7, hull# 78)
  8. Second Place Finishers Skipper: Paul Townsend and Crew: Raenette Franklin (sail# 8, hull# 84)
  9. Skipper: Jane Tucker and Crew: Jim Garber (sail# 5, hull# 89)
Race Committee (Committee Boat & Mark Boat): Carey Jones, Bob Grimm, James Klaas, Mike Sinclair