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Our regular hours for open sailing are
10-6 Saturdays & Sundays, 6:30 to sunset Mon-Fri. more info...
Spring Laser Regatta Sun June 15th
Boat school every Saturday 9am-noon.
Racing every Sunday at 10am. and Wednesdays at 6:30pm.

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Survey Results 2004

  1. You are a:
    (13) 59% Member of 2-8 years
    (8) 36% New member (joined last sailing season)
    (2) 8% Member of more than 8 years
    (2) 8% Former member
    (1) 4% Potential member

  2. You came out to the club:
    (17) 65% Frequently
    (7) 27% Occasionally
    (1) 4% Never

  3. Your affiliation with the University of Michign is:
    (7) 27% Student
    (5) 19% Alumni
    (6) 23% None
    (3) 12% Staff
    (2) 8% Faculty

  4. You found out about the club by:
    (10) 38% Word of mouth (friends/coworkers/members/etc)
    (7) 27% The web
    (3) 12% Saw one of our fliers/posters on campus
    (1) 4% Read about us in the Observer, Ann Arbor News etc.
    (1) 4% Boat on campus

  5. Please rate your satisfaction with the following core activities of the club: (Scale: 1 to 5, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest.)
    1 2 3 4 5
    Saturday morning instruction (1) 4% (4) 15% (5) 19% (7) 27% (6) 23%
    Sunday racing (5) 19% (6) 23% (6) 23%
    Thursday meetings (2) 8% (5) 19% (10) 38% (3) 12%

  6. How can we improve these activities?
    • Once the weather gets nice, I would like to have Thursday meetings at the club.
    • Post a sign-up sheet for sailors wanting to get together to sail (I guess it was supposed to happen last season, but never got off the ground. I know for myself I have had a hard time getting anyone from the outside as a sailing partner on a regular basis.
    • Hope the weeknight race goes back to either Tuesday or Wednesday to break up the week. Suggest that those who are club members and wanting on the water instruction be separated from those who are just "visiting" and wanting a "trial" sail on Saturday mornings as it is very difficult to accommodate both due to the large numbers of people present during the peak sailing months of summer.
    • A real race committee could be gotten up easily. Racers could rotate in and out of the RC boat. You automatically get a first for the race you're in the boat. Or just have 1 or 2 throw-outs and your RC time is your throw-out. That way, score could be kept, the starting sequence would be more official, the line could be squared up.... Keeping score would mean we could post scores each week to the e-mail list, have a series champion, measure improvement, etc.. It doesn't take the FUN out of racing, it just makes it more official. Also, let's not run races in COMPLETE drifters. I don't mind light air, but there has to be SOMETHING!
    • More effective empowerment and utilization of club members to operate the club and provide quality instruction.
    • Minor changes to keep things fresh are good, but no major changes that I can think of.
    • Being a student my schedule limits me to certain times to go sailing. It would be nice if more times were available for instruction, such as weekday afternoons.
    • Opportunities for instruction on set up and sailing of the CL 16 and the new Hobie. Maybe have more opportunities to get signatures for nomenclature, rules, knots, etc through Thurs eve classes.
    • Sat - too few experienced instructors. Racing - IUd like to see some more formality with having the crash boat at the line all the time (more racers need to be crash boat capable) maybe a couple of mini racing series during the summer would be good too. Thurs - encourage better attendance (how?).
    • Allow open sailing on Saturday Morning. Instruction is a good thing, and should be a priority of the club, but not at the expense of the regular members' usage of the club. Saturday morning is reserved for instruction. Sunday morning used to be reserved for racing, which made it impossible to sail in the morning (when the motorboat traffic is lowest). Fortunately, we abolished the Sunday morning sailing ban. Unfortunately, we still have the Saturday morning open-sailing ban. It is not fair to the established dues-paying members to give preference to non-members who we often never see again.
    • For the Thursday classes, we should start to collect and develop teaching material that can be used (and improved) by several people who teach the class.
    • More organized!! Everything seems very haphazard.
    • Have Saturday instructors who really want to be there.
    • Don't spend so much instructor time with giving free rides. Put the free riders in the cl16.

  7. What other sorts of activities or instruction would you find helpful or enjoyable?
    • More intermediate-level training, including hands-on clinics.
    • The club is great, we have different boats to choose from.
    • List to sign up and get a partner for the JY15's for the day. Games between boats that aren't racing - i.e. fun not competitive, for people like me that aren't very good yet.
    • Maybe a designated time, other than Saturday morning to instruct crew and above members, so their skills can be improved. I know I came out many Saturday mornings wanting to improve my crew rating, but there was just too much need to take out new/potential members, so I did without any instruction for practically the entire season.
    • I have not had any instruction from the club, but I will rate the following categories on what I believe works well given my experiences elsewhere. Also, watching some of the windsurfing classes last season, I REALLY recommend getting a simulator. They make learning SO, SO, SO much easier and are relatively easy to make if price is an issue. I would like to see windsurfing races, but I know breeze can be a problem. It would also be fun to do more with other clubs. We could invite clubs like the Barton one and North Cape YC to send people up to race with us and maybe they would have us down to race...
    • More planned social events such as picnic cookouts. More advanced instruction seminars out at the club to coincide with meeting some of the requirements for the advanced ratings.
    • Some variation in the activities is welcome but I think the majority of all our activities should always be focused upon water sports in one way or another.
    • More advanced sailing instruction, racing rules esp.
    • More structured way of getting ratings. For example, have a 4 or 5-weekend training program at the end of which the student will be crew rated.
    • Advanced sailing classes.

  8. What types of instruction are most beneficial to you? Please rate your satisfaction with each method: (Scale: 1 to 5, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest.)
    1 2 3 4 5
    One on One (1) 4% (3) 12% (6) 23% (13) 50%
    Group Lecture (2) 8% (6) 23% (12) 46% (3) 12%
    Group Demonstration (1) 4% (3) 12% (12) 46% (8) 31%

  9. Please rate your satisfaction with the following facilities of the club: (Scale: 1 to 5, with 1 being lowest and 5 being highest.)
    1 2 3 4 5
    Bathrooms (1) 4% (2) 8% (7) 27% (11) 42% (4) 15%
    Kitchen (4) 15% (6) 23% (12) 46% (2) 8%
    Lawn/grounds (2) 8% (10) 38% (13) 50%
    Seating (i.e. chairs, benches, picnic tables) (1) 4% (4) 15% (10) 38% (10) 38%
    Storage for personal gear (1) 4% (6) 23% (10) 38% (4) 15% (2) 8%

  10. How can the club improve dock-in/dock-out?
    • I think both are great. I am glad we do prep work for both a few weekends before. The party after is great too.
    • Make things less heavy :-)
    • More people.
    • Develop a portable rolling counter lever device that can lift and easily move the dock sections by six people and then being able to disassemble it for storage. I envision an upside down roof truss type of design with axle/wheels at the mid point of the triangle.
    • Anything that reduces the amount of very heavy lifting would help.
    • It already goes fairly smoothly given the complexity of the task, I'm impressed.
    • It is fine just as it is.
    • Only participated in one dock-out so far. Organization seemed fine.

  11. What is the main reason you are a member of the sailing club?
    • The friendships.
    • To sail! I love the small boats, I love teaching lessons.
    • Get out of Ann Arbor and into the sunshine at the weekend.
    • Sailing.
    • Learn to sail.
    • I have a strong desire to learn to sail, especially larger boats. To pursue that dream in the mean time, while waiting for opportunities to arise to learn larger boats, I come to the club to learn and improve my skills. Though, I do love to teach/help others (very fulfilling).
    • To sail and enjoy the company of other sailors who share the same passion. The club dues are very reasonable and use of the club boats is very convenient.
    • Racing.
    • Sharing quality knowledge of sailing with others so as to support the club's growth and maintaining its mission.
    • I love sailing and enjoy the people and recreational activities. I also really like the lakefront property and clubhouse.
    • Learn how to sail, as I have very little experience.
    • Chance to sail.
    • It's a good place to relax and unwind.
    • I like to sail and be outdoors with the fun people at the sailing club.
    • To sail and meet other people interested in sailing.
    • Sailing.
    • I enjoy sailing and as a student this is the most cost effective way to sail.
    • Sailing, social contact.
    • Racing.
    • I wanted to learn how to sail and I enjoy it. Thinking of trying out racing this year.
    • Low cost sailing and socializing.

  12. What are the top two things you'd like to change about the club, if possible?
    • Get the power boats off the lake. I really don't know.
    • Quality of instructors.
    • That instruction time for crew or above people, and the sign-up list so we can have sailing partners on a regular basis, other than instruction times.
    • Moving the boat storage racks closer (or partially in) the water to make launching/retrieving a little easier.
    • Better empowerment of more club members to participate in the activities and responsibilities of the club so that a core group develops who are committed to sharing the joy and knowledge of sailing with others. A dynamic empowered core group who really wants to and enjoys coming out to the club can make the world of difference in making the club be a special organization for people to join. Get rid of the Zebra mussels.
    • I'd like to see more (new) people included in running activities and running our club operations. I'd like to see the club try more new things as the club can get pretty static from year to year.
    • More things happening during the week. I often have a weeknight open but instruction is only on Saturdays.
    • I realize it is a university affiliated club, but would like to see encouragement of more family involvement/activities, like parent child races or targeted instruction for youth sailing (I know, liability and all that...)
    • Encourage more diverse member participation. A lot of new members don't get the idea that it's a volunteer club because they see the same people do the same things all the time. We need long time members to step back a bit and encourage newer members to take responsibilities - to me this is the most essential thing that need to change so the club is capable of running in the future.
    • Weekday racing not on Tuesday.
    • Better organized racing.
    • Allow Saturday morning open sailing. Bigger lake/more wind.
    • More organized instruction and racing.
    • Clean/fix boathouse, kitchen bathrooms.

  13. What could help motivate you to get more involved in volunteering with the club?
    • I would become more involved if the people I were friends with were doing the same things I was at the club.
    • Easy self-explanatory tasks on a list and a tour of the club house, so I know where stuff is.
    • I currently try my best to come out, whenever possible.
    • I am more than happy to help with any activity where my contribution would be helpful. I enjoy just being at and around the facility and don't mind getting dirty.
    • I just don't have the time!
    • The leadership of the club demonstrating and supporting the active involvement of club members by sharing the activities and responsibilities of the club better. Get the rated members more involved in operating the club and empowering them with an active co-sharing role in decision making. A volunteer social/sailing club organization is only as good as how it recruits, trains, motivates, empowers, supports and appreciates its members.
    • I now volunteer about as much as my schedule (and desire for balance in my life) allows.
    • I only made it out a few times last fall, showing up on Saturdays. I feel I would be more involved if I got to know everyone better, if there were a social event of some kind.
    • More team projects?
    • Being thanked.
    • Less work in my office (sigh...)
    • I'm very motivated, just very busy, unfortunately.
    • Promote delegation and asking for volunteers. The senior people should spend more time teaching and less time doing.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. That act alone tells us of your dedication to the club. Are there any other issues that you would like the board to discuss?
    • Kitchen is scary. Need some permanent landscaping i.e. shrubs etc. around the gangplank area as well as the stone wall on the east end of the clubhouse. Most of the time I bring gear in a duffle and leave outside. Clean storage would be nice.
    • My experience for the first year has only been positive and I have been very impressed with the dedication and hard work of the officers and board members and the members in general! Having been a member of a number of sailing/yacht clubs over the years the current approach seems to work and work well.
    • They may want to consider some criteria for the evaluating the performance of the club on an annual basis such as the number of people in the core group (higher rated members); the number of Crew ratings completed each year versus the number of new members joining the club; the number of advanced ratings completed for the number of existing members who are in the club more than one year; the number of higher rated members who share in holding the club open.
    • I was happy to see the lively discussion at the October 2003 finance meeting. The club should be that way with many different viewpoints being discussed and decisions arrived at by consensus.
    • An introduction of sorts for new members/sailors would be nice.