Students For The Advancement of Neuroscience (SFAN)


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Students For the Advancement of Neuroscience (SFAN) is an undergraduate organization created to enrich the learning environment of students interested in neuroscience. Through journal clubs and interactive discussions, SFAN intends to provide a forum for students to learn about neuroscience-related topics. The organization also aims to support neuroscience awareness and research by participating in volunteer and fundraising activities. In addition, this organization serves as a resource center for opportunities available at both the undergraduate and graduate level.





Important Announcements


When: 7:30 pm Wednesday Febraruary12th, 2003

Where: 2004 Natural Science Building




*  Interesting Events:

Brain Awareness Week- March 10-16

Special BAW Events: Movies- March 9 & 11 7:30pm

Kids Fair- March 21

Help W/ Kids Fair: Meeting Tuesday March 4 8:00pm

BRAIN BOWL- March 29



*    Journal Club

*    Volunteering Opportunities




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Mailing address

Students For the Advancement of Neuroscience

Michigan Student Assembly

3909 Michigan Union

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


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