The Shipman Society is a vibrant group of scholars and a community of friends. Our members come from all over the country to study a wide-range of disciplines in the University of Michigan's world-renowned departments. On campus, we are student-group leaders, athletes, journalists, artists, activists, researchers, and more. We live in Shipman Hall, on North Campus, in Co-ops, and in off-campus houses. But no matter where you are, what you study, or how many Shipman meetings you attend, as a member of the Shipman Society you know you are part of something.

Here is what some faculty, current students, and alumni have said about their experiences with the Shipman Society:

Lester Monts
U-M Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Senior Counselor to the President for the Arts, Diversity, and Undergraduate Affairs
Professor of Music (Musicology)
"I have the pleasure of welcoming outstanding high school seniors and their parents to our Shipman Weekend each spring, and every year I am impressed with the range of talents these highly recruited students demonstrate. The weekend allows prospective Shipman Scholars to decide whether this is truly the place for them. As a result, when our Shipman class arrives in the fall, they are ready to dive right in. Buoyed by the friendships they made in March and steered by advice from Shipman upperclassmen, they navigate this very large pond better than most. The society is known for its campus leaders and accomplished scholars."
Gretchen Weir
Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
"As part of the Rhodes, Marshall, and Mitchell selection process, I have the privilege of working with some of Michigan's most interesting and accomplished students. Not surprisingly, the Shipman Society is often well represented in our finalists for these prestigious scholarships. Shippers do great things in and out of the classroom."
Jeff Crippen
Spanish and Pre-med, Class of 2006
"Shipman society has been a great way to stay connected with Michigan after graduation. Also, the leadership opportunities provided though the shipman society have continued to serve me well as I move on to larger speaking audiences and new leadership positions."
Allison Kaeding
Cell and Molecular Biology, Class of 2007
"Being a member of the Shipman Society was a wonderful opportunity to share the fun and formative experiences of college with a very special group of fellow students. Because each Society member brings with them a unique set of amazing talents and experiences, the group as a whole has no shortage of entertainment and enthusiasm. As a member from 2003 to 2007, I enjoyed the connections I made with my fellow classmates from day one of freshman year until graduation. Each year the program is growing and expanding in the opportunities for scholarship, friendship and fun that it offers, and there's really no limit to what the Society can become in the future. As Shipman alumni, we are excited to look back on our time in the group and to see where it goes in upcoming years!"
Emma Schroder
Linguistics, Class of 2008
"The Shipman Scholarship has had a huge impact on my life. The Shipman Society introduced me to a group of amazing individuals. Long after the days of college were over, these people remained close friends and colleagues."
Amelia Wallace
Classic Civilizations, Class of 2011
"Belonging to the Shipman Society has truly enriched my experience as a University of Michigan student. The various lectures and activities sponsored by the society were always interesting and informative; I really enjoyed setting up one of the Speakers' Series events, since it allowed me to share what I was learning about in class with the rest of the society. Perhaps most importantly, I met my best friends through Shipman."
Alan Nagel
Vocal Performance & Philosophy, Class of 2013
"I'm proud that, when we talk in Shipman Hall, no one stays "pigeonholed" in their specialty; many Shipmen study things which are of extra-curricular interest to me, while I study things of extra-curricular interest to them. I'm proud of our interdisciplinary community."
Duncan Miller
Aerospace Engineering, Class of 2013
"The Shipman Society was the difference maker in helping me decide to be a Michigan engineer. No other university or student group that I've seen has the same level of diversity, character and camaraderie. I can't imagine college without these guys."
Kevin Binder
Psychology & International Studies, Class of 2013
"The Shipman Society has really provided me with a great environment here at the University of Michigan. I remember back to my first Shipman Weekend, when I didn't even know if I was going to come here. Looking back, it's funny how the people I met that weekend are now some of my best friends here. At a large university like U of M, its great to live with a smaller group of like-minded people, with whom you can really feel at home."
Katie Snyder
Civil& Environmental Engineering, Class of 2012
"As a freshman I initially just thought of the Shipman Society as a group of built-in friends (and a scholarship), but now that I have spent more time at Michigan, I have come to realize that everyone in the Shipman Society is involved in interesting and meaningful activities. Because the Shipman Society is interdisciplinary and spans all grades, it is a great way to get different perspectives and learn lots of new things."