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Shotokan Karate of America, Inc. (SKA) is a non-profit Karate organization teaching Karate-do in America since 1955. It is also closely affiliated to several Shotokan organizations world wide. Its goal is best summed up in The Student Guide to Shotokan Karate of America.

The purpose of Shotokan Karate of America, a non-profit educational organization, is to teach Karate as a martial art to the public during regularly scheduled classes in affiliated dojos (schools) and universities throughout the United States. SKA faithfully follows the teachings of our Chief Instructor or Shihan, Mr. Tsutomu Ohshima. His faculty is composed of members who have attained the rank of Black Belt. They are organized through the Black Belt Council, each having an equal voice in SKA policy decisions.

The curriculum consists of complete philosophical, physical and spiritual education through scheduled group practices, lectures, seminars, newsletters, textbooks, films, and this Student Guide. SKA is principally supported by regular membership dues, which are collected equally from all students, and other donations.

For more information, please write or call SKA national headquarters:


Last updated 24 August 2001.