University of Michigan
Karate Club

Dojo Rules of Conduct:

  1. Dueling is prohibited.
  2. Bow when entering or leaving training floor.
  3. No training under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  4. No shoes on floor.
  5. No leaving practice except with permission of instructor.
  6. No unnecessary talking.
  7. No wearing of jewelry (rings, watches, etc,) while training.
  8. No gum chewing during class.
  9. Keep yourself, your gi, and your Dojo clean.
  10. Always act in a respectful manner.
  11. Report all injuries to your instructor before leaving Dojo.

Dojo Etiquette and Procedure:
Bow when entering or leaving training floor of Dojo.
Line up for meditation.
Line up by rank or by seniority if of equal rank.
Wait for person on right to kneel before you kneel.
Men kneel with knees more than two fist lengths apart.
Women kneel with thighs together.
Kneel down two fist lengths from neighbor.
Meditate on command: Mokuso.
Stop meditation on command: Yame.
Bow on command: Rei.

Kihon (basic practice)
On command yoi get ready in natural stance (shizentai).
On command kamaete step into natural stance or form announced by instructor.
On command yame return to natural stance and wait for command yasume before relaxing.

Kata (when demonstrating)
Bow to instructor or judge with feet together.
Step to natural stance and announce name of Kata.
Command yoi (ready) silently to yourself.
Command hajime (begin) silently to yourself.
Command yame (stop) silently to yourself.
Return to natural stance, bring feet together and bow.

Kumite (sparring practice)
All engagements begin and end with bow.
Attacker should follow directions exactly, making honest and strong attacks.
Defender should block or avoid attacks and counter strongly with control.
Injury, unless very serious, does not end the engagement as it does not end a real fight. Face yourself and continue.
Report all injuries to your instructor before leaving Dojo.

Dojo Kun, by Master Funakoshi:
  • Hitotsu, Jinkaku Kansei Ni Tsutomurukoto
  • Hitotsu, Makoto No Michi Wo Mamorukoto
  • Hitotsu, Doryoku No Seishin Wo Yashinaukoto
  • Hitotsu, Reigi Wo Omonzurukoto
  • Hitotsu, Kekki No Yuu Wo Imashimurukoto

  • First, Work Toward Completion [of Character]
  • First, Protect the Path of Truth
  • First, Nurture a Spirit of Hard Work
  • First, Give Weight to Courtesy and Respect
  • First, Reign in Impetuousness

Note: Each line begins with the word "First" to emphasize that all items are equally important!