Science Fair Winners

March 10, 2017
Cobo Center, Detroit

Junior Division

Nathan Hadjiyski (Forsythe Middle School. Teacher: Margaret Raupp): "Piezoelectricity"

Mazin Mehmood, Omar Azizi and Ahmed Haider (Michigan Islamic Academy Middle School. Teacher: Shatha Mohammed): "The Blind Sensor"

Arjun Patel (Forsythe Middle School. Teacher: Margaret Raupp): "Let there be Light"

Senior Division

Forrest Flesher and Rohan Kheterpal (Skyline High School. Teacher: Tom Pachera): "Horizontal locomotion in completely soft, autonomous robots"

Cooper Klein-Kassab and Daniel Passmore (Skyline High School. Teacher: Charles Centivany): "Jacket Closure System"

Marlies Michielssen and Shrikant Chand (Washtenaw International High School. Teacher: Alyson Thompson): "A Novel Zwitterionic Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Synthesis"

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Neha Seshadri (Skyline High School. Teacher: Teresa Schneider): "A Novel Application of Microfluidic Assay to Evaluate the Role of Calponin in Platelet Function and Clot Formation"

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2016 Science Fair Judges [No judging in 2017 - The SE Michian Science Fair
has been temporarily suspended. We are hopeful it will be reconstituted
next year. For 2017, we honored the winners from local schools that were
identified by the judges at the Metro Detroit Science Fair in Cobo Center
and were delighted by their choices.]

(L-R) Cindy Pomerleau, Ovide Pomerleau, Cynthia Marcelo, Karen Adams,
George Graham, Margaret Evans and Gus Buchtel

Other Science Fair Winners

{This one - 2017}