Initiation Banquet
April 20, 2005

The Initiation Banquet held at Weber's Inn on April 20, 2005, was very successful. Twelve initiates were inducted into the society and the attendees then heard a stimulating talk about the exploration for life in the rest of the solar system by Professor Hunter Waite.

Some of the Science Fair prize winners brought their exhibits to the banquet.

What are tuned mass dampers? (T. Patton Doyle and Blake Barnes, Tappan Middle School)

The better tasting chocolate (Amy thompson, Forsythe Middle School)

Speed of sound versus temperature and humidity (Clara Lee, Huron High School)

The Initiation (click on picture to see larger version)

. .
Associate Member Initiates (L-R: Tracy Juliao, Chris Abeare, Claudiu Dumitrescu, Alison Berent-Spillson, Johanna Eckler, Mike Brinkman, Aimee Whittaker & Christal Coleman)

Full Member Initiates (L-R: Omar AbuBaker [Promotion], Xiaoyin Chen, Sunil Kumar Pillai & Nathaniel Schaefle)

The After-Dinner Lecture
"Search for Life Elsewhere in the Solar System"
Hunter Waite, J.R., Ph.D.

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