Initiation Banquet - 2006
Weber's Inn

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The Initiation Banquet held at Weber's Inn on April 4, 2006, was very successful. Twenty-three initiates were inducted into the society and the attendees then heard a great talk about the origins of the universe by Professor Fred Adams of the Department of Physics.

All of the Science Fair prize winners brought their exhibits to the banquet.




Senior Division: Junior Division:

L-R: Grant Heil, Pascal Carole, Rachel Miller, Aaron Maturen,
Matthew Garber [front], Remy Carole [back], Michael Savage [front] & Steven Sun [back]

The Initiation
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New Associate Members (L-R)
Greg Waugh, Tracy Vannorsdall, Courtney Murdock, Laura Howard,
Viviane Hambrecht, Melissa Getz, Amanda Osborne, Julie Ferris,
Alicia Ford, Kristie Earnheart, Jay Cohen, Christa Van Dort,
Mary-Ashley Hazel, Paul Juneau, Medha Tare & Hans Tritico)
[Missing: Baxter Allen, Brandy Frazier, Karen Johnson & Hyunseok Lee]

New Full Members (L-R Wenzhe Fan, Marilyn Agin & Jae Cheol Cho)

Two members were honored for 50 years of active membership in Sigma Xi.
L-R Prof. Dick Alexander (Elected to Ohio State University Chapter, 1956)
and Mr. Yuji Morita (Elected to the University of Michigan Chapter, 1956)

Ted Emch (on the right), science teacher at Tappan Middle School,
was chosen as the 2006 Math and Science Teacher of the Year.
Jia Liu, Chapter Vice-President, presented Mr. Emch with an award
based on a generous donation from Pfizer, the pharmaeutical company.

Speaker: Prof. Fred Adams (Introduced by Noemi Mirkin, Council Member)


"The Origins of Existence"

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