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Science Fair 2008

Winners of the Sigma Xi Awards for the 2008 Science Fair

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Senior Division

Katherine Fang (Pioneer High School)
Third Year Study: The Signal Pathway that Controls Body Weight:
High Concentrations of Nutrients Inhibit Leptin's Function

Surabhi Rajaram (Huron High School)
Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Heated Vegetable Oil


Junior Division - Middle School

Natalie Nagpal (Clague Middle School)
The Effects of Different Amounts of CO2 in the Rain Forest and Arctic Environment

Omar Beleh (Clague Middle School)
So What's in the Rainbow?

Lacey Deloria (Forsythe Middle School)
Population Bottle Necks and Genetic Diversity Relating to Bison

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Associate Members (L-R): Mia De La Rosa-Trujillo, Elizabeth Horin, Ernest Carl McIntyre, Barbara Pamp and Robert Spencer

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