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About the team

The University of Michigan Water Ski Team is a way for both Recreational and Tournament level skiers to ski while they are here at college. We typically have 30 members spanning the whole range from novices to seasoned tournament skiers.

There are three levels of commitment in which you can involve yourself, we have an 'A' and 'B' competitive team as well as the option to remain entirely recreational. The 'A' team scores points throughout the tournament season while the 'B' team skies on an exhibition basis for the first two tournaments.

Whether you are preparing for a tournament or just want to get out on the water, practice times are arranged at the individuals convenience. Our practice site is Belleville Lake, a twenty minute drive from campus, where we have a slalom course, and a brand new Malibu ski boat which is provided to us on a yearly basis.

During the fall season, which begins in early September, we attend four tournaments as well as the national championship, if we qualify. Tournaments are for people who wish to compete as well as those who just want to have a good time and make new friends with members of other Midwest ski teams. During tournaments, the daytime is dedicated to the three events of competition, which are, slalom, trick skiing, and jump. At nightfall, all the teams gather for dinner and a night filled with bonfires and DJs.

During the offseason we go snow skiing, bowling, and throw parties. In early May, we make our annual trip to Bennett's Ski School in Zachary, Louisiana where we train with professional skiers for an entire week. Once the ice melts away, we put the new boat in the water and start preparing for our spring season, having fun all the while.

2017 Division 2 Nationals 5th place 2016 Division 1 Nationals Qualifier

2015 Division 2 National 2nd place

Everyone is welcome! We have skiers of all abilities and we teach all three events (slalom, trick, and jump). Most people join with some knowledge of slalom skiing, but many have never skied in a course and most have never tricked or jumped. We have most of the equipment you’ll need, and we’re ready to teach you whatever you want to learn.

If you are new to skiing, it’s best to start out in the summer. We compete the first 4 weekends of the fall semester, so the earlier you join the better! We also get a lot of new skiers in the winter, where you can ease into the team by taking place in team bonding trips and events before hitting the water with us.


Kerbie Reader (F) - 2 @ 35' off | 2006
Dan Smallidge (M) - 4.5 @ 35' off | 2000


Jen Nauman (F) - 88' | 1998
David Meinhardt (M) - 144' | 2000


Lauren Oppenlander (F) - 1,120 points | 1997
Dan Smallidge (M) - 2,910 points | 2001

Before you can ski behind our boat you’ll need to get USA Waterski membership (www.usawaterski.com). If you are under 25, it’s $40 for the whole year and it provides you with $100,000 medical liability insurance policy for any water skiing related activity. When you sign up, you should choose “Under 25 Active,” type “UofM Waterski and Wakeboard Club” for team, and “Collegiate” for Sports Discipline 1st Choice.

Hail to the victors valiant.

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    Andy M., 2017
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    Karts, 2016
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Join us if you like what we do because we have a lot of fun and really enjoy getting to know new members and welcoming them to our team.

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We are actually a pretty extraverted team, so if you have any questions about our team, our sport, our school, or anything else, just drop us an email and we'll respond to you as soon as we can.

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