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Welcome to the website of SMES-G! The Society of Minority Engineers and Scientists - Graduate Component. SMES-G's main goal is to recruit and retain graduate students of color within the University of Michigan's graduate community.

SMES-G is the only social and academic support network that targets graduate students of color within the College of Engineering. Through our programming, we ensure that underrepresented students can successfully contribute to both scientific research and the college's learning environment. We do this by providing a social structure for students pursuing advanced degrees, while acting as a link between students of all academic levels. Our activities are focused on four main initiatives: recruitment, advocacy, retention, and outreach to the College of Engineering community. It is our hope that through our continued efforts, we persist in recruiting and retaining graduate students as well as effectively tackling issues that we face.

Enjoy your visit to our site. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have about the organization. We would love to have you participate in any of our events.