Pen Pal Program

I'm a Pen Pal - So now what do I do?

Welcome to K-grams! Without you this program would not be possible, as college pen pals are the foundation of everything that K-grams does. As a pen pal, you have the unique opportunity of writing to an elementary school kid each month and working with him/her throughout the year. Before you write your first letter, there are a few things you need to know in order to understand your role as a college pen pal.

What's my mission?

1. Establish a relationship with your elementary pen pal by becoming a friend and mentor.
2. Create pride and a rich sense of community among the pen pals in your residence hall.

How do I do that?

1. Write your letter each month.
2. Interact with your elementary pen pal by visiting the classroom to do various projects.
3. Get to know other college pen pals through programs sponsored in your residence hall such as letter writing parties and pizza social.
4. Participate in the K-grams Kids-Fair (during winter term).

How else can I get involved?

1. Sign up for K-grams BookMARK (Mentoring and Reading with Kids).
2. Help out at K-day and other special projects.
3. Check out the K-grams Calendar to find out about more opportunities to get involved!

Who is my Swing Kid?

As you write letters throughout the year, you will have a U of M "Swing Kid" who is there to help you. Your Swing Kid will serve as your liaison to all aspects of the program. He/she will make sure you turn your letter in on time, proofread the content of the letter, and also inform you of upcoming events.

Your Swing Kid is a great resource, and you may contact this person if you have any questions or want to get more involved in K-grams throughout the year - in fact, there is a good chance they live right down the hall from you. You can help them plan a social event, a letter writing party in your residence hall, or coordinate a gift to give to your pen pal's class. You will receive your Swing Kid's information at your hall's pen pal kick-off.

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If you have any questions, please contact us.