Swing Kid Resources

I'm a Swing Kid, What Do I Do Now?

As a Swing Kid, your role is a pivotal one that is interactive with the elementary schools, the college pen pals, and your Hall Heads. You will also be working closely with other swing Kids in your residence hall. You will be responsible for the collection of letters for your classroom from your University Pen Pals, as well as making a box to send the letters to the school in.

Main Responsibilities

  • Work closely with your Hall Heads to help tailor your classroom's letters to the curriculum at your elementary school.
  • Ensure the timely collection of all of the letters in your residence hall and the delivery of those letters to your Hall Head.
  • Strengthen personal relationships between pen pals in your residence hall.
  • Making boxes for each letter drop off to the elementary classrooms.
  • Maintain close communication with the pen pals because you are one of the closest links between them and the leadership of the organization.