The Sopranos were created in 2001 by Evan Scalzo, a former G-Men and Men's Glee Club Member. His idea behind the Sopranos was to have an all-female a cappella group that was open to all females at the University, free of affiliation from other choral groups. The Sopranos is a member of the Michigan A Cappella Council (MACC), along with 15 other groups on campus.

MACFest 2001 was the first event at which The Sopranos sang. Since then, The Sopranos have been kicking ass and taking names all around the state. In addition to performing at UMich, The Sopranos also perform on other college campuses around the state including Central Michigan Univeristy and Michigan State University.

The Sopranos released their first CD, Mob Ties, in the summer of 2005 and their second CD, An Offer You Can't Refuse, in the spring of 2011. 

The group's affiliation with the Mafia can neither be confirmed, nor denied.