The Xi'an Provincial Museum (something that is typically a must-do stop, because - in my view - of its extensive collection of artifacts) was closed in preparation for the 60th anniversary celebration (or something).

When we heard, on the second day, that is was closed again, I was probably more disappointed than the group (given that I know what is in there).

When we were told that we were going to a brand-new, privately-owned museum that celebrated the Ox Culture, and it was being talked up by the guides, I'd say there was a collective yawn of anticipation. "Oh, right, the real museum is closed down, and we're going to the Oooooox Culture museum."

I had a vision of some one-story house with some guy's collection, and when the bus turned down the dirt road amidst construction... you could hear the eyes rolling into heads, and a murmur of speculation about how short a time we might be able to spend here before heading elsewhere - anywhere.

Well... I was about 1000% wrong on this one. First of all, take a look here to your right... here is a privately owned and built museum.

2009 is the year of the Ox... as was 1949, 60 years ago, with the founding of modern China. And so this Ox Culture philosophy is a lot more than love of bison.

Indeed... and I am just going to let you tour this place yourself...not only has this guy spend a gajillion and a half dollars on this place... not only was it spectacular... not only was there a second floor also filled with stuff this ONE GUY has been collecting over the year... but (frankly speaking) the Han and Tang dynasty ceramics collections are BETTER than most of the stuff in the Provincial Museum.

And, just to top it all off... this place had literally just opened, and so on or about September 22, 2009, I was with the very first group of Western people to visit this museum... and the owner was our guide. Hope you enjoy the visit. I sure did.