The epidemiology of sleep apnea in a bi-ethnic stroke population. (R01 HL098065)

Sleep Apnea Health Disparities in Mexican American Stroke Patients. (R01 NS070941)

The NHLBI-funded ancillary studies project is designed to assess the frequency of sleep-disordered breathing after stroke, and the relationship of this sleep disorder to stroke outcomes. The NINDS sleep apnea study is designed to investigate health disparities related to sleep apnea in stroke patients.

Sleep Study Staff

Principal Investigators:
Devin L. Brown, MD, MS
Lynda D. Lisabeth, PhD, MPH
Project Manager:
Melinda A. Smith (Cox), DrPH, MPH
Field Office Director:
Nelda N. Garcia, BS
Sleep Technologist:
Garnett L. Hegeman, III, RPSGT
Ronald Chervin, MD, MS
Lewis Morgenstern, MD
Brisa N. Sanchez, PhD
Corpus Christi Field Office Staff:
Pamela Averalo
Patricia Gibson
Corpus Christi Neurology consultant:
Frank Bonikowski, MD