RNA Groups
at the
University of Michigan

The University of Michigan houses a strong RNA community that works on areas ranging from cell biology to molecular mechanism to ensemble and single molecule structural probing. We get together in monthly Supergroup meetings. We participate in an annual Michigan RNA Society meeting. And we share the excitement of modern RNA Science. If you want to learn more about our Supergroup or individual investigators within our RNA community, please do not hesitate to contact any one of us.


Hashim Al-Hashimi
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Assistant Research Scientist in Biophysics


David R. Engelke
Professor of Biological Chemistry
Director, Program in Biomedical Sciences


Carol Fierke
Chair and Professor of Chemistry
Jerome and Isabella Karle Collegiate Professor of Chemistry

George A. Garcia
Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
  Aaron Goldstrohm
Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry


Nils Walter
Associate Professor of Chemistry









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