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Recent group picture taken at Lauren's retirement party. Group members are (from left to right): Henry Lewis, John's shoes, Andy Marsh, John's knees, Aaron Gabelnick, John's hip, Dan Burnett, John's chest, Lauren Myers, John's rabbit ears, and Marina Miletic.

John Gland

John Gland:

Absorption and reactions on solid surfaces are the primary focus of research in Professor Gland's group. Relationships between the bonding of absorbed species and the mechanisms of surface reactions are being developed by combining modern surface spectros copies with kinetic studies. The recent development of a number of powerful surface spectroscopies coupled with the rapid development of ultra high vacuum technology has made it possible to determine the composition, structure and chemical bonding of simple absorbed species and clean surfaces. Information gained using surface science techniques has proven particularly useful in areas such as catalysis, semiconductor processing, electrocatalysis, corrosion, fracture mechanics, and lubrication, to name just a few.



Dan Burnett, 3rd year Chemical Engineering student, Aquaman


Dan Burnett



Henry Lewis, 2nd year Chemical Engineering student


Henry Lewis



Andy Marsh, 2nd year Chemistry student


Andy Marsh



Marina Militec, 2nd year Chemical Engineering student


Hall of Fame:

Manos Mavrikakis (1988-1993), Graduate Student, "Temperature Programmed Desorption of Reaction-Diffusion Systems"
Postdoctoral with Prof. Mark Barteau, University of Delaware, Quantum Modeling of Adsorbed Reaction Intermediates; Madame Curie Fellow with Prof. Jens Norskov at the Technical University of Denmark doing quantum modeling of solid surfaces and adsorbed intermediates; Currently Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Tecle Rufael (1988-1993), Graduate Student, "H Induced C-S Bond Activation on Platinum and Nickel
Postdoctoral with Prof. Cynthia Friend, Harvard University, "The Surface Chemistry of Thiol based Lubricant Additives on Iron Surfaces" Staff Scientist with Prof. Buddy Ratner at the Institute for Biocompatible Surfaces University of Washington

Elizabeth Slaughter (1988-1993), Graduate Student, "Gallium Nitride Growth on GaAs"
Postdoctoral with Chemical Vapor Deposition Laboratory, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Currently a Staff Scientist with the Advanced Materials Laboratory, Motorola, Phoenix, AZ

Jagdish Prasad (1989-1991), Postdoctoral, "Surface Reductions Processes using Hydrazine and Dimide"
Staff Physicist with Surface Materials Group, North Texas University, Arlington
Currently a Senior Physicist with Advanced Process Group, Texas Instruments, Arlington

Sean Huang (1989-1995), Graduate Student, "H Induced C-N Bond Activation on Platinum and Nickel"
Currently a Senior Chemist, Polymer Adhesion, Sherwin Williams, Chicago

Kyeonga Son (1991-1996), Graduate Student, "H Induced C-C Bond Activation on Nickel: Atomic Hydrogen"
Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor JM White "The Surface Chemcistry and Depsotion of Insulator Gate Oxides"

Robin Merchant (1991-1997) Graduate Student, Joint with Professor Schwank, "Mechanistic Studies of Platinum-Titania and Platinum Alumina Thin Films for Chemical Sensing"
Currently Postdoctoral at NIST with Steve Semancik working on single crystal oxide chemical sensors

Aleks Franz (1993-1997) (ChE), "Hydrogen Energetics and Transport in Amorphous Silicon"
Currently Postdoctoral with Prof. Klaus Jensen, MIT, working on micro fabricated chemical reactors

Jeff Ranney (1993-1998) (ChE), "Understanding the Partial Oxidation of Propylene Over Silver Catalysts: The Effect of Water and Surface Structure"
Postdoctoral with Prof. Charles Campbell, University of Washington

Sean Kane (1993-1998) (Chem), "The Role of Hydrogen and Surface Structure in the Reactions of Model Thiols on Nickel Surfaces"
Currently Caltech post-doctoral Scholar at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, investigating heterogeneous chemistry in stratospheric ozone depletion.

Valarie Thomas (1999) (ChE)

Adam T. Capitano (1994-1999) (Chem), "Death from Above: Exploring New Reactions and Establishing Structure/Reactivity Relationships for Gas-Phase Hydrogen Radicals on Metal Surfaces"
Currently at MIT, post-doctoral, and eating from the CFT.

Aaron M. Gabelnick (1995-2000) (Chem), "Catalytic Oxidation of C3 Hydrocarbons: In Situ Mechanistic Studies on Platinum and Supported Platinum Surfaces" Currently Research Chemist with Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI

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