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Welcome to the Official Tappan Association Monster Truck Appreciation Web Page. Point your web browser here to see how graduate students in art history and gigantic trucks crushing little cars really have more in common than you might think. Can you say excitement?

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Useful Vocabulary

Auger in - Crash

Bite - Traction

Burn Out / Dry Hop - Spin truck tires to clear mud off and gain

Donut - When a truck spins circles in one spot on the floor

Endo - When a vehicle crashes and rolls end over end

Good Hookin' Clay - Track dirt that makes it easy for the tires to dig
in. The really good stuff that you hit when you dig in just prior to a take off!!!!

Hole shot - First vehicle out of the gate

Hook Up - Dig tires in and take off fast from starting line

Power out - When a driver uses a burst of acceleration to keep the truck
from rolling over

Roll Over - When a truck rolls over side ways (as opposed to an ENDO)

T-bone - Hitting another monster truck at a perpendicular angle.

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Monster Truck Rally and Pit Party! Saturday, March 11, 2000. Pit Party 3:30pm. Event begins at 7:00pm



To join our club, just drop the webmaster, Chris "Donkey Kong" DeFay, a note.

Monster Truck Fan of the Month Award goes to Tim "Good Hookin' Clay" McCall.

Pop culture afficionado extraordinaire: Lisa "Doin' It Up" Chan.

Licensed to drive: Sean "Where's the Engine in this Cherry Picker" Roberts.

Unofficial Faculty Sponsor: Matthew "T-Bone" Biro, Ph.D.

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