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About Trail's Edge Camp

Trail's Edge Camp is a summer camp for children with special medical needs: campers have tracheostomies or need ventilator assistance. They typically are thought to be too "medically fragile" to go to camp because of the specific care they require. Trail's Edge campers generally between the ages of 3-18 are given a unique opportunity to experience the joy of the great outdoors.

When and Where

Camp dates vary from year to year. Counselors arrive Saturday for orientation and campers arrive Sunday. After a full week of camp activities, we all end the experience together. Trail's Edge Camp is held each year at Camp Fowler in Mayville, Michigan, located approximately 30 miles north of Lapeer, Michigan.


This camp is funded by contributions from various foundations. There is absolutely NO cost to the camper. Camp is run by volunteers, and we are always in need of more volunteers. If you would like the chance to "make a difference" in a medically fragile childs life, please contact us at Mary's e-mail address below.

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For More Information Please Contact:

Mary Dekeon
Mott Respiratory Care
200 E. Hospital Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0208
(313) 763-2420