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Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer

Our Bruker EMX electron spin resonance spectrometer is equipped with dual microwave bridges, and can acquire spectra in both the X-band and Q-band ranges. We have two resonator cavities available for X-band range: a Bruker 4102-ST general purpose cavity (rectangular TE102), and a Bruker 4103-TM cavity (cylindrical TM110). The 4103-TM is useful for flat cell work.


We have a Varian liquid nitrogen cryostat that can cool samples down to approximately –160 C, and we have an Oxford liquid helium cryostat (picture at left) that can cool samples down to as low as 4 Kelvin.

Persons needing to use the EMX should contact Jim Windak,, to arrange for a one-hour training class. The EMX User’s Booklet should be printed out and read prior to the training class.

You will need to provide a valid shortcode account number for billing your access time on the instrument. The current rates are $9 per hour for UM shortcode accounts, and $65 per hour for non-UM accounts.

Since the instrument is frequently used, it is best to e-mail Jim Windak to schedule a day and time to do your experiments, and to request the hardware setup that you need.

The Bruker EMX is located in room 4709 Chemistry.

Reserve a time on this machine using the CTools calendar.
If you are outside UMich, contact Jim Windak to arrange time.




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