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The Fluoromax-2 fluorimeter is a sensitive instrument that can detect very low levels of fluorescence in samples. It has a xenon arc lamp and two monochrometers, one to select excitation wavelengths, and one to select emission wavelengths. It can perform emission scans, excitation scans, or do time-based monitoring. The wavelength region covered is 200 nm to 950 nm.

We have a temperature-controlled sample holder that accepts standard 10 mm rectangular cuvettes. The temperature of the sample can be controlled from 8 C to 80 C via a Neslab water bath.

We also have a solid sample holder, which is useful for films. Its angle can be adjusted to obtain the best results.


We also have an auto-polarizer accessory. This accessory can rotate the position of the excitation and emission polarizers via stepper motors under data system control. This accessory enables one to do automatic anisotropy measurements on solutions.

Persons needing to use the fluorimeter should contact Jim Windak,, to schedule a brief 15 minute training session. The Fluorimeter User’s Booklet should be printed out and read prior to the training class.

You must provide a valid shortcode account number for billing your access time on the instrument. Current rates are $9 per hour for UM shortcode accounts, and $65 per hour for non-UM accounts.

The Fluoromax-2 fluorimeter is located in room 4709 Chemistry.

Reserve a time on this machine using the CTools calendar.
If you are outside UMich, contact Jim Windak to arrange time.




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