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Perkin-Elmer TGA-7 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

The Perkin-Elmer TGA-7 thermogravimetric analyzer measures the weight loss of samples upon heating. The samples can be heated in a nitrogen or an air atmosphere, the gas being selectable via data system control. The furnace can heat samples from room temperature to 900 C. The balance is sensitive to 0.1 microgram. The TGA is temperature calibrated using the Curie points of alumel, nickel and iron. From the graph of % Weight versus Temperature, one can calculate Onset temperatures, and also delta-Y steps. The instrument uses Perkin-Elmer’s Pyris software for data acquisition and processing.

Persons needing to use the TGA should contact Jim Windak to schedule a training session,

The TGA-DSC User's Booklet should be printed out and read prior to the training session.

You will need to provide a valid shortcode account number for billing your access time on the instrument. Current rates are $9 per hour for UM shortcode accounts, and $65 per hour for non-UM accounts.

The Perkin-Elmer TGA is located in room 2069 Chemistry.

Reserve a time on this machine using the CTools calendar.
If you are outside UMich, contact Jim Windak to arrange time.




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