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1999 Diversity Theme Semester Photo Contest

It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The University Housing at the University of Michigan is proud to have sponsored a photo contest in conjuction with the University of Michigan's Diversity Theme Semester.  Of course, you want to see the winning photographs, so click on to Housing's theme semester web site.

The 1st Place Prize of $300 was awarded to "Roommates" by Erin Fairbanks, Yuen Ting Ng, and Heena Shah, East Quadrangle Residence Hall
The 2nd Place Prize of $150 was awarded to "International Connections" by Trent and Lisa Wakeright, Family Housing
The 3rd Place Prize of $50 was awarded to "We Are Family" by Anonymous,      Mary Markley Residence Hall

The University Housing at the University of Michigan is proud to have sponsored a photo contest in conjuction with the University of Michigan's Diversity Theme Semester. Of course, you want to see the winning photographs, so click on to Housing's theme semester web site.

Elimination of Prejudice Essay Contest

This second annual essay contest provides a $1,000 scholarship for the winner at an awards dinner.  This annual competition is sponsored by Pi Lambda Phi.  The essay contest is open to all enrolled University students.  Entries may not exceed five pages, and will be judged by a panel of University faculty and administrators.  Essays must be received by March 25,1999.

In keeping with the values of Pi Lambda Phi, and the objectives of the theme semester, entrants are asked to respond to this question.

Submit entries to the Office of the Dean of Students, 3000 Michigan Union.  All essays become the property of the Pi Lambda Phi Educational Foundation and may be reprinted.  For more information contact Kevin Choo, at 747-8357 or khoo@umich.edu.

Diversity Online:  Digital Perspectives from the University of Michigan Community is part of CHICO—the Cultural Heritage Initiative for Community Outreach.  This web site initiative builds on current projects ongoing at CHICO that provide technological training and outreach.  Diversity Online will use photography, art and narratives to document and provide access to the multitude of perspectives on diversity and cultural heritage we find in our campus community.  Go to the site and add your story!  In addition, the project will provide focused technological training sessions that will enable selected student groups to document online their own activity related to the theme semester’s goals.  Contact Emily Ann Betwee at embet@umich.edu.

Leveraging the Arts for New Understandings of Diversity provides mini-grants for residents of University Housing to promote discussion of diversity through group attendance at arts events.  This is the joint project of the Arts Coordinator and University Housing.  The program is a unique way to enable and encourage students to take advantage of the arts resources on campus that might normally be out of reach financially, and to experience for themselves the kind of broadening of their worldviews that occurs through such exploration.  (The Arts Coordinator currently runs one similar granting program together with the First-Year Seminar Program in
Contact Mary Craig, the Arts Coordinator, at mfcraig@umich.edu or 764-5123 and Pam Reister in Housing at preister@umich.edu or 647-3054.

Film shorts will be produced, beginning in February, that address personal anecdotes on reflections on diversity as residents of Family Housing and University Housing are interviewed.  Contact Julian Vasquez Heilig at jheilig@umich.edu.

Exhibits in the Graduate Library's North Lobby display cases highlight many of the campus events, theme semester classes, and library resources in support of them.  This is the work of Rebecca Dunkle (rdunkle@umich.edu) at the University Library.

Out of Africa:  A Celebration of Botanical Magnificence is featured throughout February at Matthai Botanical Gardens.  The exhibitions and programs unite the Gardens' mission and collections with the core value of cultural and biological diversity.  Addressing the issues of diversity and accessibility through the existing Plants, People, and Cultures programs, the month-long celebration includes:  docent tours, music, visiting artisits, story telling, lectures and more.  All events are free and open to the public.

Raisin' Rainbows is a video series sponsored by the Peer Information Counseling Program at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.  They will run on UMTV Channel 19 (the Library Channel) at 7:30 p.m.

Course instructors will receive information throughout the semester about funding opportunities, events and activities in an e-mail newsletter.  They will be able to exchange information and ideas on the e-mail list, ts intructors@umich.edu.  Contact Pat McCune (phmccune@umich.edu) if you would like to be included.

Housing has developed a number of light-hearted projects that draw attention to the theme semester.  Here are two examples.  The dining halls will be serving new ethnic dishes from a variety of cuisines, such as Brazilian, Indian and Native American.  Students in the residence halls will receive by e-mail inspirational quotes pertaining to diversity topics, beginning the week of January 25.  Contact Julian Vasquez Heilig at jheilig@umich.edu.



The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching is again holding an awards competition on diversity narratives. The topic is The Effect of Student Diversity on Student Learning at the University of Michigan:  Faculty and GSI Perspectives.  There will be up to 10 awards of $400 each for the winning narratives, and both faculty and graduate student instructors (GSIs) are invited to participate in this competition.  For more details, go to the CRLT web site description.

Differences and Disputes is an exploration in progress of multiracial staff disputes.  The University's Consultation and Conciliation Service has noticed a markedly lower success rate in cases involving parties of differing races. The service's Director, Sally Johnson, has identified some possible reasons behind this, is developing a strategy for improvement, and would like to carry out action research.  If interested, contact her at sallyj@umich.edu or 936-4214.

The MTV Anti-Violence Initiative (yes, that MTV) seeks conflict resolution affiliates.  Sally Johnson, Director of Alternate Dispute Services, has registered with MTV as the contact in our area who will coordinate opportunities here at the University, and develop free services available to those who call the toll-free number listed on the TV screen during music videos.  Contact her at sallyj@umich.edu or 936-4214.


Voices is a web site project being developed to provide a medium for moderated, online discussions.  Its objective is to enhance the current theme semester courses and extend their impact to the university community into the 1999-2000 academic year.  The Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) has developed a format that is sophisticated, easy to use, and open to the entire University community. This is not a chat room nor a listserv, and more flexible than Conferencing on the Web (COW).

Discussion questions will be posed and moderated by pairs of faculty teaching courses that center on diversity-related topics.  Their students might be the primary participants, but all on campus are welcome to read the brief background material provided online and then contribute to the discussion.  Each week the web site will feature a new question generated by the faculty moderators.   At the end of each week that topic will be closed and the responses be archived.  At the end of the semester all the dialogues will be compiled and made available for future reference as a read-only resource.

If you are interested in participating, or just want to know more, contact Linda Kendall at lkendall@umich.edu or Pat McCune at phmccune@umich.edu.

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