Fall 2003
UC 260 - Law, Ethics and the Life Sciences

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UC 260 is an interdisciplinary course. "Interdisciplinary" means that the subject matter of the course–the life sciences–will be explored from the perspectives of different disciplines. As the course title suggests, this means that at a minimum we are going to look at "life" from the perspectives of law, ethic, and science, but the course is not limited to these three perspectives. From time to time, politics, sociology, anthropology, religion, art, theatre, and other perspectives–other ways of thinking–will be drawn into the mix. Hence, one important objective of this course is to help you understand that any subject can be studied in different ways. Life can be studied by poets, artists, lawyers, theologians, historians, politicians, economists, and, of course, scientists.

The course is team-taught by a scientist, two physicians, a lawyer, and a humanist/historian. Students also work with graduate student instructors and undergraduate mentors, who will facilitate class discussions on line.

Organization. UC260 has three components: lectures, labs, and discussion. There are weekly lectures. Labs meet every other week. Discussion will be on line

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