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Name Title Department Name
Elaine Cosme-Petersen  Marketing and Recruitment Program Manager   
Melanie Dicristino     
Eva Gochis  Business Administrator Associate   
Susan Hardin  Webmaster   
Downs Herold     
Patricia Hoffer  Alumni   
Lenea Howe     
Susan Kerry  Student, Graduate Business Admin   
Lauren Reed     
Patricia Settimi     
Nancy Silver  Meeting/Special Events Planner  Admissions 
Feodies Shipp  Assistant Director  Admissions & Visitor's Center 
Betty Cobb  Development Officer III, Affiliates  Affilites 
Deborah Montague  Administrative Specialist  Alumni & Continuing Education 
Ellen Byerlein  Assistant Camp Director  Alumni Association 
Kirk Lutz  Senior Events Manager  Alumni Association 
Rita Werthman  Senior Board and Employee Relations Manager  Alumni Association 
Mary Jo Grand  Meeting/Special Event Manager  Alumni Relations - School of Denistry 
Julie Raybon  Executive Secretary  Anthropology, College of Literature, Science and the Arts 
Beth Berenter  Student Career Counselor  Arch & Urban Planning 
Sandra Ridella  Administrative Assistant Intermediate Healthcare  Biological Chemistry Department, Medical School 
Melanie Panyard  Grants and Contracts Specialist  Biomedical Engineering 
Kristina Romelhardt  Internship Coordinator  Biomedical Engineering 
Sandra Staneff  Administrative Specialist  Biomedical Engineering 
Sandra Hackett  Administrative Assistant Intermediate Healthcare  Cancer Center 
Linda Wilson  Senior Student Adminstration Assistant  Cellular & Molecular Biology 
Denise Taylor-Moon  Administrative Specialist  Center for Computational Medicine & Biology 
Janet Max  Projects Coordinator  Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship 
James Warren  Manager Program Development and Marketing  Center for Professional Development 
Merta Trumble  Program Assistant  Center for the Education of Women 
Janice Reuben  Program Coordinator  Center for the Education of Women/Women of Color 
Tina Jimenez  Project Administrator  Chemical Engineering Dept 
Martha Sweigert  Assistant to the Dean Senior  College of Engineering 
Annette Stoehr  Assistant to the Associate Director  College of Lit, Science & Arts - Faculty and Staff 
Roberta Saling  Secretary To The Chair  Communication Studies 
Saundra Bailey  Program Coordinator  Community Health Scholars Program/Kellogg Health Scholars P 
Paula Frank  Secretary  Comparative Literature 
Sherene Kokelaar  Admin. Asst. I, Patient Support Services and Patient Educat  Comprehensive Cancer Center 
Kathleen Owens  Administration Assistant Associate  Conference Management Services 
Mike Dorer  Director of Conferences  Conference Services 
Cheryl Miller  Conference Coordinator  Conference Services 
Susan Schaefgen  Conference Manager  Conference Services 
Gwen Tandy  Conference Manager  Conference Services 
William Vlisides  Conference Manager  Conference Services 
Mary Gauthier  Senior Cost Accountant  Cost Reimburement Office 
Jackie Howell  Secretary Senior  CVC Administration Offices 
Helen Severino  Administrative Assistant Sr.  Department of Anesthesiology 
Glenda Radine  Public Relations Manager  Digital Media Commons 
Kathi Reister  Gallery Coordinator/Events Support  Digital Media Commons 
Mary Miles  Project Administrative Coordinator  Digital Media Commons - Sakai Foundation 
Ann Pace  Secretary Intermediate or Research Secretary III  Elec Engineering and Computer Science 
Lisa Jones  Bus Admin Staff Specialist  Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Charlotte Fauman  Meeting and Event Planner  English Language Inst 
Kathleen Murrel  Administrative Specialist/Key Administrator  English Language Inst 
Linda Peterson  Senior Administratrive Assistant  Engr Undergraduate Education 
Sharyn Vantine  Secretary  Environmental Health Sciences 
Elizabeth Hedgeman  Research Laboratory Specialist Intermediate  Environmental Hlth Service 
Robin Konkle Mays  Secretary Senior  Epidemiology Department 
Tonya Marion  Marketing Communication Specialist  ERC RMS Marketing 
Ann Luke  Associate Director  Executive MBA Program 
Lisa Menardi  Associate Director  Executive MBA Program 
Carrie Gardner  Alumni Relations  Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy 
Kathleen Durand  Global REACH Administrator and Program Coordinator  Global REACH 
Jackie Williams  Student Administration Assistant Senior  Health Management and Policy 
Gwendolyn Mask  Health Promotion and Community Relations Administrative Sec  Health Services 
Janet Baugh  Administrative Assistant Intermediate  Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate 
Robin Turner Martin  Training Program Assistant  HR Prof & Org Dev 
Ann Ross  Administrative Assistant  HR Stretegy & Planning 
Donna Weyher  Administrative Assistant Senior  HR Stretegy & Planning 
Doretha Coval  Events Coordinator  Humanities Institute 
Heather Dornoff  Business Administrator  Imagining America 
Gwen Brown  Assistant to the Chair  Industrial & Oper Engineering 
Gayle Terkeurt  Executive Assistant  Information Technology Central Services 
Linda Woods  Administrative  Information Technology Division 
Kimberly Wheeler  Administrative Asst II  Information Technology Security Services 
Patricia Materka  Writer, retired staff  Innkeeper 
Linda Detterman  Director Marketing and Promotion  Inter University Consortium for Political and Social Resear 
Suzanne Hodge  Administrative Assistant  Inter-University Consortium for Political and Science Resea 
A. Ann Tai  Administrative Assistant Senior  Internal Medicine - Geriatrics Center 
Patricia Urban  Fellowship Coordinator  Internal Medicine-Pulmonary/Critical Care 
Kristy Demas  Administrative Assistant Senior  International Institue 
Jeanne Boyea  Administrative Specialist  International Institute 
Nancy Kelly  Office Coordinator  International Institute 
Nili Tannenbaum  Manager for Applications Partnerships and Grants  Internet2 
Nancy Wrosch  Senior Administrative Assistant To The Director  InterPro-Ctr For Pro Devl 
Ashanti Harris  Meetings/Events Coordinator  ISR/SRC 
Jennifer Burkheiser  CME Coordinator  Kellogg Eye Center 
Edith Baise  Meeting/Special Events Manager  Law School 
Carrie Pierce  Secretary Senior  Law School 
Maureen Bishop  Manager of Law Student Journals  Law School Publication Center 
Janet Graf  Assistant Director  Law School Special Events 
Harriet Teller  Development Officer  Library Administration 
Susan Hollowell  Events and Public Relations Coordinator  Life Science Institute 
Melinda Mackey  Administrative Assistant Senior  Life Science Institute 
Suzanne Jackson-Rogers  Associate Editor  LS&A Mathematics Department 
Teresa Smith  Admin Asst  LS&A Psychology Department 
John Reves  Electronics Technician Intermediate  LSA Chemistry - Faculty and Staff 
Susan Hamilton  Administrative Assistant Associate  LSA Dev, Marketing & Comm 
Anne Hart  Senior Events Manager  LSA Development 
Laura Pavledes  Meeting/Special Events Manager  LSA Development 
Cheryl Israel  Program Administrator  LSA International Institute 
Michelle Murn  FOCUS Center Administrator  LSA Physics 
Madolyn Lottman  Administrative Assistant  MAIS Research Administrative Systems 
Anjanette Ridenour  Math Administrative Secretary  Mathematics 
Linda Jeffery  Senior Administratrive Assistant To The Chair  Mechanical Engineering 
Laurie Stoianowski  Admin Asst Inter  Mechanical Engineering 
Gayle Fox  Administrative Assistant  Medical Education 
Niles Mayrand Jr  Administrative Manager Associate Healthcare  Medical Education 
Rose Mullins  Coord Prof Ed Programs  Medical Education 
Mary Schwartz  Program Coordinator  Medical Education 
Cathy Wiggins  Program Coordinator  Medical Education 
Bradley Wise  Program Coordinator  Medical Education 
Phoebe Hankins  Executive Assistant Associate Healthcare, Administration  Medical School 
Nancy Hobbs  Meetings/Special Events Manager, Administration  Medical School 
Dawn Bednarski  Development Events Specialist  Medical School Admin 
Susan Harris  Special Projects Coordinator  Merit Network 
Christina Sommer  Office Manager  Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Reseach 
Christine Grant  Senior Executive Secretary  Millennium Project 
Carrie Romant  Public Relations Coordinator  Modern Greek and Classical Studies 
Adele Barres  Office Assistant  Molecular & Behavorial Neuroscience Institute 
Diane Durfy  Executive Secretary  Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology 
Ana Ormsby  Administrative Coordinator/Project Coordinator  National Center for Inst Diversity 
Nancy Abinojar  Secretary  National Center for Institutional Diversity 
Patricia Snyder-Rayl  Project Coordinator  National Poverty Center 
Shanna Jessee  Graduate Program Coordinator  Naval Arch & Marine Eng 
Kristine Wielopolski  Contract and Grants Specialist  Navel Arch & Marine Eng 
Chrysta Lienczewski  Clinical Research Cooridnator Healthcare  Nephrology Biobank 
Cynthia Hudgins  Senior Project Administrator  NSF ADVANCE Project at the University of Michigan 
Cherilyn Davis  Graduate Program Secretary  Nuclear Engineering 
Donna Constant  Academic Secretary  Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences 
Denise Newton  Exec Secretary  Ofc Provost & Exec VP 
Cecelia Nash  Program Coordinator, Career Conseling Center  Office of Admissions and Career Development 
Kathleen Zambo  Executive Assistant Associate  Office of Clinical Affairs 
Laura Rowe  Manager Development Services  Office of College Relations 
Ann Hower  New Student Programs Director  Office of New Student Programs 
Ayanna Triplett  Cooridnator University Mentorship Program  Office of New Student Programs 
Betty Alberts  Secretary  Office of Plant Director 
Lisa Kendra  Senior Administratrive Assistant  Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 
Natasha Arnold  Executive Assistant  Office of the Exec Vice President for Medical Affairs 
Judith Crecelius  Executive Secretary  Office of the Vice President for Research 
Julie Ashley, CMP  Producer, Public Events  Office of University and Development Events 
Michelle Pate  Director  Office of University and Development Events 
Denise Yekulis  Clerk Senior  Organizational Studies 
David Disney  General Manager  Palmer Commons 
Cecile Lamb  Assistant to the Director  Parking and Transportation Services 
Scott Marlowe  FOCUS Administrative Support  Physics 
Holly Wanty  Executive Secretary  Physics 
Sharowynn Wilson  Administrative Assistant  Physics Department 
Valerie Amo  Administrative Specialist  Plant Operations 
Kathy Halleck  Financial Assistant  Political Science, College of Literature, Science and the A 
Atisha Vaughan-Shaw  Training Program Assistant  Prof & Organizational Development 
Pam Gibney  Administrative Assistant Senior Healthcare  Program for Multicultural Health 
Jessica Brown  Administrative Assistant Intermediate  Psychology 
Cheryl Jessie  Community Outreach  Public Relations and Marketing 
Natalie Bartolacci Plosky  Student Affairs Program Manager  Rackham Graduate School 
Susan Campos  Facilities Manager  Rackham Graduate School 
Lynn Dumas  Program Manager Special Events  Rackham Graduate School 
April Caldwell  Public Relations Coordinator  Romance Langs & Lits 
Nancy Schuon  Executive Assistant  Ross Sch Dean's Office 
Kirstin Olmstead  Promotion Coordinator  Ross Sch Executive MBA Program 
Shannon Cook  Secretary Intermediate  Ross Sch of Business 
Richard Olsen  Administrative Services Manager  Ross Sch of Business Exec Educ 
Susan Carpenter  Corporate Relations Assistant  Ross School of Business 
Amy Garber  Reunion Coordinator, Development and Alumni Relations  Ross School of Business 
Jennifer Horn  Administrative Coordinator/Project Coordinator  Ross School of Business 
Lynnette Iannace  Meeting/Special Events Manager  Ross School of Business 
Jennifer White  Admin Coord/Project Coord  Ross School of Business 
Jimmie Sue Angel  Program Coordinator  Ross School of Business - Faculty and Staff 
Mary Nickson  Communications Manger  School of Business Admin 
Lynn Wooten  Clinical Assistant Professor of Strategy, Management & Organ  School of Business Admin 
Adriana Irizarry  Coordinator Professional Education Programs  School of Business Education 
Karel Barton  Continuing Education Conference/Workshop Education Coordina  School of Dentistry 
Martha Dalley  Special Events Manager  School of Education 
April Pichlik  Meeting/Special Events Planner  School of Education/SCUP 
Laura Birmingham  Manager, Master Recruiting and Admissions  School of Information 
Sharon Mahoney  Faculty Secretary  School of Information 
Heidi Skrzypek  Student Services Assistant  School of Information 
Karen Kitchen  Office Services Manager  School of Information - CITI 
Linda Leslie  Development Generalist  School of Music 
Jennifer Bronson  Project Coordinator  School of Nursing 
Sue Degroote  Webmaster  School of Nursing 
Tara Engholm  Executive Secretary  School of Nursing 
Laurie Bueche  Development Generalist  School of Social Work 
Lindsey Rossow-Rood  Manager of Development and Alumni Relations  School of Social Work 
Debra Bogi  Administrative Assistant  Sea Grant Program 
Dale Leslie  Security Receptionist  Security Services 
Karen Verhey  Director of Administrative Services  Society for College and University Planning 
Linda Williams  Secretary to the Chair  Sociology 
Kristina Doten  Student Administrative Assistant Intermediate  Student Recruitment 
Deborah Elmore  Program Coordinator  Tauber Manufacturing Institute 
Laurie Gendron  Receptionist  The William Davidson Institute 
Maxine Solvay  Community Outreach Coordinator  U-M Cancer Center 
Janice Lapointe  Administrative Assistant Senior  UMH Audiology 
Julaine LeDuc  Senior Events Manager  UMH Cancer Center 
Marcy Miller  Associate Director of Development  UMH Cardiovaxcular Center Administration 
Mary Anderson  Senior Administratrive Assistant  UMH Gen Surg Clin Support 
De Bora A. McIntosh  Accounting Clerk Intermediate  UMH Housing Bureau for Seniors 
Chris Greene  Executive Assistant  UMH MCIT Chief Info Officer 
Carol Williams  Educations Nurse Specialist  UMH Nursing Education 
Diana Medina-Urbina  Program Associate  UMH Ofc/Multicultural Health 
Elizabeth Dodge  Administrative Assistant Senior Healthcare  UMH Pathology 
Katherine Richards  Administrative Assistant Intermediate Healthcare  UMH Pathology 
Juliet Ballard  Cardiovascular Center Marketing and Communications Speciali  UMH Public Relations and Marketing Communications 
Carolyn Mogan  Senior Administratrive Assistant  UMH Public Relations and Marketing Communications 
Alicia Hoiles  Marketing Coordinator  UMH Trauma Burn Center 
Susan Polan  Events Coordinator  UMH Trauma Burn Center 
Kendall Knell  Catering Coordinator Michigan Union  Unions-Food Service, University Unions 
Cindy Straub  Advisory Committee and Events Coordinator  Univ Musical Society 
Mary Beyer  Meeting and Events Coordinator  Univ Unions - Food Service 
Nicholas Capul  Event Services Coordinator  Univ Unions - Scheduling 
Lindsay Sorgenfrei  Special Events Coordinator  Univ Unions - Scheduling 
Laura Kokkales  Manager University Catering  Univ Unions-Food Service 
Kristie Marria  Senior Events Manager  University & Development Events 
Linda Lawrence  Senior Events Manager  University Development Events 
Melissa Goldstein  Housing Advisor  University Housing 
Christine Siegel  Senior Associate Director  University Housing 
Nicole Manvel  Community Relations Manager  University Musical Society 
Keith Soster  Director of Food Service  University Unions 
Barbara Niemi  Univeristy Unions Events Services Director  University Unions Administration 
Kristen Roy  Research Secretary  William Davidson Institute 
Linda Grischy  Owner  21st Century Laser Etching,  
Nancy Harper  Special Events Manager  911 North University, University Unions, Division of Student Affairs 
Donna Read-Munro  Admin Asst  ACIS, MCIT 
Gerri Lewis  Vice President  Action Rental,  
Nancy A. Miller  Administrative Assistant Senior  Administration, Instructional Support Services 
Amy MacWilliams  Senior Account Executive  Advertising Specialties LLC, Sales 
Kelly Parkinson  Sr. Account Representative  Allegra Print & Imaging,  
Janet Scicluna  Marketing Director  Amaryllis Catering/Event Planning, Catering 
Elke K. Ferris, CMP  Key Account Director  Ann Arbor Area Convention & Visitors Bureau,  
Bonnie Miles    Ann Arbor Area Convention and Visitors Bureau,  
Heather Feldkamp  Business Development Manager  Ann Arbor Business Review,  
Joni Strickfaden  InnKeeper  Apple and Pear Street Bed and Breakfast, Hospitality .... rooms for rent! 
Rita Rendell  Secretary  Artifical Intelligence lab, College of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer 
Bethany Osborne  Administrative Specialist  Atlantic Studies Initiative, English Language and Literature 
Avy Schreiber    Avy Schreiber Entertainment,  
Donna Damon  Regional Sales Manager  BBJ Linen,  
Diane Wright  owner  Bearclaw Coffee Company/ Bearclaw on the Move,  
Sarah Okuyama  Owner  Burnt Toast Inn A Bed and Breakfast,  
Anne Preston  Associate Director  Center for International Business Education, Ross School of Business 
Natalie Taliaferro    Center for Research on Learning and Teaching,  
Katie Bachand  Director of Sales  Chelsea Comfort Inn,  
Lisa Hopkins  Events Coordinator  College of Engineering, Office of College Relations 
Theresa Ceccarelli  Project Manager  College of Engineering & Computer Science, Engineering Professional Development 
Karalee McKinstry  Senior Sales Manager  Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center,  
Karen Mundus  Account Executive  Conlin Travel, Sales 
Caroline Kaganov  General Manager  Conor O'Neill's Irish Pub & the Celtic Room,  
Annette Beck  Sales Manager  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sales Office 
Julie Edwards  Group Sales Manager  Crystal Mountain Resort,  
Shannon Lee  Group Sales Manager  Crystal Mountain Resort, Group Sales 
John Heed  General Manager  Custom Transit, Inc., N/A 
Jan Davies McDermott  Owner and Innkeeper  Davies House in Georgetown Bed and Breakfast,  
Stacie Printon  Senior Assistant to the Chair  EECS Department, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 
Donald Burton  Owner/Chef  Effortless Entertaining,  
Deedra Sole  Office Manager  Effortless Entertaining,  
Elizabeth Kennedy  General Manager/ Co-Owner  Evans Street Station,  
Marsha Wisz  Sales  Extraordinary Ideas,  
Kathy Clark  Innkeeper  First Street Garden Inn,  
Breeda Miller  General Manager  Food Art,  
Teresa Fee  Sales Manager  Four Points by Sheraton,  
Laurie Michael  Director of Sales & Marketing  Garland,  
Sean Duval  CEO  Golden Limousine, Inc.,  
Tai Trent  Director of Sales  Hampton Inn Ann Arbor North,  
Bill Knopp  Director of Sales & marketing  Holiday Inn Express/River Run Resort, Sales 
David Verdonk  Director of Sales  Holiday Inn Hotel & Conference Center, Hotel Sales Department 
Kim Bradburn  Senior Sales Manager  Holiday Inn near the University of Michigan,  
David Frankel  Sales Manager  Holiday Inn Near U of M,  
Christine Fischer    Image Communications & Events,  
Laiwanna Tutt  Managing Principal/Event Designer  In Essence Events,  
Jake Reichbart  Musician, Guitarist, Bandleader  Jake Reichbart - Musician,  
Mary Zak  Event Planner / Office Manager  Jeff Zak Catering, Inc.,  
Jason Ryan, CHSP  Corporate Director of Sales  LaBelle Hotels and Resorts,  
Gilda Johnson  General Manager  Lake Forest Golf Club & Practice Center, Golf and Banquet Operations 
Jenny Foster  Event Coordinator  Lake Forest Golf Club & Practice Center, Outing and Events 
Laura Lemieux  President  Laura's Catering,  
Lindsay Tracy  Vice-President  Lindsay Exhibit Group, Inc,  
Debra Walls  Executive Secretary  LSA, Classical Studies 
Kathryn Curren  Senior Secretary to Associate Chair  LSA, Department of English Language and Literature 
Shannon Marshall  Department Assistant  LSA, Political Science 
Sandie Schulze  Assistant to the Director  LSA Outreach Staffing Services, currently - International Institute 
Patty Stiglich  Sales Manager  McCamly Plaza Hotel, Sales 
Roy Tinsley  Owner  Michigan Digital Image,  
Elaine Economou  consultant  Michigan Friends Center,  
Dale Osborn    Michigan Friends Center,  
Joyce Buchanan  Executive Secretary  Mitsui Life Financial Research Center, Ross School of Business 
Tim Galea  President  Norton's Flowers & Gifts,  
Gena Morris  Owner  Occasionally Gena, N/A 
Kate Haessler  Events Assistant  Office of Development, University and Development Events 
Kathi Compton  Event Manager  Palmer Commons, Palmer Commons 
Chris Mason  Owner/manager  Parish House Inn bed and breakfast,  
Nancy Laracey  Scleroderma Program Manager  Rheumatology/Scleroderma Program, Internal Medicine 
Benjamin Kaplan  President  Rightaway Delivery and Inventory Management,  
Kara Vitek  Program Coordinator  Ross Leadership Program/ Ross School of Business,  
Nancy Ryder  Secretary Senior  School of Dentistry, Academic Affairs 
Wanda Snyder  Executive Secretary to Department Chair  School of Dentistry, Biologic and Materials Sci 
Marie Bien  Secretary Intermediate  School of Education, Combined Program in Education & Psychology 
Barbara Smith  Executive Secretary  School of Information, Dean's Office 
Carol Richard  Assistant to The Associate Dean  School of Social Work, School of Social Work 
Debora Mancini  Director of Sales and Marketing  Sheraton Detroit Novi,  
Amy Sell  Owner  Signature Catering, LLC,  
Lori Shepard  Executive Chef/ Owner  Simply Scrumptious Catering,  
Carol Galle  Meeting & Event Planner  Special D Events, Inc.,  
Linda Schaefer  Unit Operations Manager  Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Admissions & Career Development 
Suren Seropian  Regional Events Manager  Suite 270, Development Major Gifts Prgm 
Susan Weisberg  Management Trainer and Consultant (includes event planning)  Susan Weisberg, Management Trainer and Consultant,  
Tammy Coxen  Tasting Consultant and Chocolatier  Tammy's Tastings,  
Laila Gislason    Taste,  
Sharon McRill  President  The Betty Brigade,  
Melissa Jaakkola  Director of Sales  The Chelsea Comfort Inn & Village Conference Center,  
Aimee Hamlin  Catering Manager  The Inn at St. John's,  
Dana Maschke  Associate Director of Sales  The Inn at St. John's, Sales 
Louis Johnson  Band Leader  The Motor City Beat,  
Dan Huntsbarger  Chef / Owner  The Moveable Feast Catering,  
April Pochmara  Senior Creative Rep  The Rosh Group, Project management / New business development 
Phyllis Gibson  Director/Owner  Total Wellness (formerly Advantage Gift Baskets),  
Kimberlee Rhoney  National Sales Manager  Treetops Resort,  
Sara Schwartz  Conference Coordinator  University Housing, Conference Services 
Patricia Savage  Student  University of Michigan,  
Raye Holden  Administrative Coordinator  University of Michigan, Center for Advancing Research and Solutions in Society (ISR) 
Michelle Overholser  Executive Secretary  University of Michigan, Economics 
Stacy Eckert  Administrative Secretary  University of Michigan, Frankel Center for Judaic Studies 
Karen Parris  Facilities Scheduler and Events Liaison  University of Michigan, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies 
Tina Hall  Executive Assistant  University of Michigan, Human Resources & Affirmative Action/Staff HR Services 
Terri Torkko  Event Planner  University of Michigan, Institute for Research on Women and Gender 
Cathleen Hamilton  Facilities Manager  University of Michigan, Lawyers Club 
Sheila Hazlett  Administrative Assistant  University of Michigan, MCIT/OMP 
Jacki Troy  Aministrative Assistant  University of Michigan, NCIBI/Bioinformatics 
Sara Lampear  Event Management Intern  University of Michigan, Orthotics & Prosthetics Center 
Renee Ward  Admin Assistant Senior  University of Michigan, Pediatric Gastroenterology 
Mary Jo Grand  Special Events/Meeting Coordinator  University of Michigan, School of Dentistry 
Corey Jessop  Event Coordinator  University of Michigan, Surgery 
Alaina Goodman  Special Events Manager  University of Michigan - Flint, Office of Institutional Advancement 
Lisa Dunn  Executive Assistant to CIO  University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, Medical Center Information Technology 
Carrie Ashton  Administrative Associate Senior  University of Michigan Medical School, Dean's Office 
Lisa Collom  Executive Assistant  University of Michigan Medical School, Medical School Administration 
Lisa Boehr    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Psychology 
Brian Proffer  Special Events Assistant  University of Michigan-Flint, Office of Institutional Advancement 
Pamela Zemore  Special Events Assistant  University of Michigan-Flint, Office of Institutional Advancement 
Kei Constantinov  Proprietor  Vitosha Guest Haus & Cultural Center, Zookeeper, Artist/Teacher, Hostess, Innkeeper 
Jenny Freels  Senior Events Manager  VP of Development/Office of University Development, University and Development Events 
Phillip DiPonio  Director of Sales  Weber's Inn, Sales 



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