W8UM in space!

What are these students doing?  Why, they are communicating via the AO-51 Amateur Radio Satellite!  Jon KG6URI is calling stations on his handheld 144/440 MHz FM transceiver while Richard KD8APA positions the directional antenna and tracks the low Earth orbit (LEO) "bird" as it passes over Ann Arbor.  Club members Zach KD8AAG, Matt KC8SHW, Noah KC8TKP, and Chris KA8WFC offer logging, tracking data, and moral support!  Stations were heard from New York to Mexico as the satellite passed.


(See http://www.amsat.org/amsat-new/echo/ for information on this satellite.)

Ten-Tec OMNI-VI HF station on the air!

Zach KD8AAG enjoying our new, beloved Ten-Tec Omni-VI HF transceiver.  This rig along with the power supply and desk microphone is a gift from Jack Burchfield K4JU, the president and co-founder of Ten-Tec and a distinguished University of Michigan alumnus.  Thank you Jack!

2005 SSB Sweepstakes

From left to right:  Jon KG6URI, Dennis KT8X, and Bruce KD8APB getting 2005 Sweepstakes off to a great start.  Bruce KD8APB, Richard KD8APA, and Jon KG6URI during 2005 Sweepstakes.  Richard KD8APA and Mark KC8YEK operating Sweepstakes.


Exploring club (and radio) history

Jon KG6URI and Richard KG8APA admire one of the club's uncovered treasures, a UX-852 100W dissipation transmitting triode, circa 1928.