If you would like to be involved in ham radio activities and/or be a part of the club, send an email to w8umboard@umich.edu.

Upcoming Event: License test session on January 25, 2014

The University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club is proud to announce our first (recent) Amateur Radio license test session. If you do not have a license yet, this is a great time to get it. You do not need to be a member of our club to participate, however, we do encourage membership to everyone.

This session will take place from 10am-Noon on Saturday, January 25, in 1200 EECS on the North Campus of the University of Michigan. Walk-ins are welcome between 10 and 11; after 11 no new exams will be handed out so that we have sufficient time to process the paperwork. No pre-registration is required. All three exam classes (Technician, General, Extra) will be available for testing at this session. The fee for taking any of the three exams is $15; this fee covers up to three exams taken at the session. Please bring either cash or a check.

Note: For a limited time, new, unlicensed UMARC members for the 2013-2014 year are eligible to wave this fee, as your $20 dues will cover the cost of the exam. If you are not a current member, do not have a license, and would like to join before or on the date of the test session, your membership dues can also be applied to the exam fee.

For a list of materials you must bring to the session, please reference what to bring.


On January 25th, 10:00am-Noon


1200 EECS

Upcoming Meeting: January 23, 2014


This month's presentation will be given by Fred Becchetti, W8ZLK, titled "The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Collins Radio".

Pizza and drinks will be served, and a tour of the shack will be given following the meeting. Members may join or renew membership at this time as well.


On January 23rd, 6:30pm


1301 EECS

100th Anniversary Special Event Station: Apr 14, 2013

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We held officer elections!

Congratulations to our board for 2013-2014:

President: Jameson Eisele (KD8PIJ)

Vice-President: Justin Paupore (KD8PHY)

Treasurer: Chunpeng Wang (BG6CCQ/KD8MLS)

Webmaster: Krishna C. Garikipati (KD8PHV)

And, as before, our Station Manager is Steve Culp (K8QKY).

Previous meetings:

Nov 21, 2013: Bill Becher, AA8RW, gave a presentation on "The Smith Chart: A graphical method of analyzing antennas, transmission lines, waveguides and other high frequency networks"

Oct 25, 2013: Prof. Amir Mortazawi gave a presentation on the physics and application of transmission lines used in radio broadcast and Amateur stations.

Sep 19, 2013: Roger Place, W8ZRF, gave a presentation on how he created a device enabling a paraplegic Amateur to continue enjoying Ham radio.

Mar 14, 2013: Physics Professor F.D. Becchetti, W8ZLK, gave a presentation on the radio problems that Amelia Earhart may have encountered on her attempt to circumnavigate the earth.

Feb 14,2013: Prof. Aaron Ridley, department of AOSS, gave a talk on designing, planning, and launching a high altitude ballon with various instrumentation on-board.

Dec 13,2012: William (Bill) Becher, AA8RW, reviewed our new Kenwood TS-590S Transceiver

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