Kimberley Wang

President // Graduating 2013 // Economics

Hi! I'm Kim and I'm the President of CSA. I'm currently a Junior, majoring in Economics. I'm excited for the rest of this year and can't wait to meet all of you! I hope to see you soon at our events :) Don't be a stranger!

Christian Ho

Vice President // Graduating 2013 // Psychology

Hey you! I'm Christian, and I am a junior studying Psychology. Welcome to CSA :)

Angela Wan

Events Chair // Graduating 2013 // School of Nursing

Born in Xiamen, China, mostly raised in southeast Michigan, I joined CSA because I was the only Chinese person in my class of 500. For my third year doing CSA Events, I want to pass on what I've learned to newer board members. Celebrasia and Lunar Ball are what I do and I feel like I would be pretty qualified to be a professional event planner by now. I can't imagine my undergraduate experience without it -- ai love CSA!

Jessica Chhan

Secretary // Graduating 2014 // School of Nursing

Hi! I'm Jessica, CSA secretary. I am currently a sophomore in Nursing and I love it! I am very excited for this year as there will be some AWESOME upcoming CSA events!! I hope to see you there!

David Zhang

Public Relations // Graduating 2014 // Business

Hi I'm David and I am currently a sophomore. I am studying business at Ross, concentrating in finance and accounting. I'm a big fan of Michigan sports and I enjoy playing tennis. I really hope to see you at our events!

Ada Lin

rXn Coordinator // Graduating 2013 // Women's Studies

Hi hi! My name is Ada Lin. I'm the RXN Dance Coordinator for CSA 2011-2012! I am currently a junior, majoring in Women's Studies, with a focus on gender health, and A/PIA Studies minor. I have been teaching traditional Chinese dance for the past 7 years and have been dancing for 8 years. I love to eat! My dream is to travel around the world and taste the various cuisines!

Arlene Zhao

Publications & Webmaster // Graduating 2014 // Art & Design

Heyy! My name is Arlene and I'm currently a sophomore in the School of Art & Design. My position on the CSA board is publications and webmaster. I can't wait to meet you at our events!

Hanjie Mo

Service Chair // Graduating 2014 // Cellular Molecular Biology

Hi I'm Hanjie. I'm service chair for CSA and currently a sophomore. I'm a pre-pharmacy student majoring in Cellular Molecular Biology and minoring in Statistics. Hope to see you around!

Kevin J Zhang

Social Chair // Graduating 2014 // Cellular & Molecular Biology

"No profit grows where is no pleasure taken. In brief, sir, study what you most affect." I enjoy playing Guitar, Magic, Tennis, Frisbee, and Cooking. I also have a particular interest in observing squirrels. My favorite TV show is Community. Also, did you know I have a Spanish middle name? :)

Peiming Lin

Social Chair // Graduating 2014 // Neuroscience & Violin Performance

Hey guys! It's Peiming. I am currently a sophomore and co-social chair of CSA. I'm majoring in neuroscience and violin performance. I love CSA! and eating and sleeping and soccer! I hope to see you all at events soon!

Oliver Tang

Historian // Graduating 2014 // Engineering

My name is Oliver Tang, I am the Historian for CSA, I'm from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada but my family was originally from Shanghai, China. I am a sophomore in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor.

Lawrence Jau

Events Committee // Graduating 2014 // Engineering

Hello, I am a Sophomore at the University of Michigan. I was born and bred in California, but I have really enjoyed Michigan so far. I joined CSA because I want to bring Asian Culture and Heritage to others like me who have not experienced their own heritage in the past. My hobbies are Sailing, hanging out with friends, and furthering various amazing plans of mine.

Sophia Yu

Events Committee // Graduating 2014 // Poli. Sci & Chinese

I a member of the events committee. I am a sophomore majoring in political science & Chinese, minoring in French. I am from a Chicago-area suburb called Naperville, and it is one of my favorite places in the world. I like pumpkin-flavored things, like lattes and pumpkin pie. I cannot stay awake through movies. When I call people the first thing I say is almost always "This is Sophia" even though everyone has caller ID. I end my sentences with punctuation no matter what, even in texts. It is usually a period. I am very excited about CSA!

Daisy Geng

Some Random Badass // Graduating Dec. 2011 // Design

Hi, I'm just some random badass that loves to design and do marketing stuff. Website designed and coded by yours truly. Please don't contact me for unpaid work, CSA is the only org I design for free. I hope to see you ALL at CSA's future events! Peace & Happy Krabby Patties (V.v.V)
The purpose of the Chinese Student Association is to increase understanding and awareness about traditional Chinese and Chinese American culture through social and educational activities. We strongly stress the importance of campus and community interaction in our programs. Some events sponsored by CSA are Celebrasia and the annual Lunar Ball. By networking and co-sponsoring such events with other Asian Pacific American and non-Asian Pacific American groups campus-wise and locally, we are determined to increase unity and diversity on campus.

In the immediate community at U of M, the Chinese Student Association hopes to create bonds between students of Chinese and Chinese American backgrounds by providing activities where they can meet other students of similar backgrounds. CSA contributes not just to an Asian community, but the general U of M community through educational events such as notable speakers, cultural exhibitions and performances. We sponsor cultural and social acitivies open to everyone and it is encouraging to see students of all backgrounds enjoy CSA's events. We definitely hope to help increase Chinese culture throughout the community by holding forums, panel discussions, charity events, more spearkers, etc. in the future. We hope that YOU will take CSA to a whole new level this year - it's tons of fun and a great way to meet new people. Get involved--don't miss out!
Becoming a member in the Chinese Student Association is easy! The most basic membership is to join our official email list and come out to our events. If you are not on our mailing list, you can request to be added by contacting us at That's it! Easy, right?

We will be selling CSA T-Shirts at all of our events, as well as office hours. If you're curious for more information, feel free to drop us an emali and we will be more than happy to provide you with more details.