Chinese Students Association


What is a CSA Family?

A CSA Family is a group of 10-14 people that come together and participate in fun events throughout the year. Every family consists of 4 board members and 6-10 general members. Events include grabbing casual lunches, getting together for dumpling nights, ice skating together, volunteering together, playing Wallyball together, and more!

Overall, CSA families provide you with a community of people that you get to know throughout the school year!

Why should you join?

Joining a CSA family provides you an opportunity to become more integrated within the APIA (Asian Pacific Islander) community. In addition, you'll have the chance to learn more about the CSA board and what we accomplish on a yearly basis. If you have any interest learning more about various positions within the CSA board, joining a family is the best way to gain that knowledge!

How do you join?

At the beginning of every semester, we look to bring in new members/add people to families. Even if it's the middle of the semester, feel free to reach out to us; we're always looking to add new people!

If you're interested at all, just shoot an email to csa.office@umich.edu!