Collegiate DECA

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We are an international organization focused on providing members with professional and leadership development opportunities, empowering students to develop and achieve their personal and career potentials.

About Us

Professional Development

Collegiate DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, consulting and management. Events throughout the year will integrate skills learned in class into real-world experiences.


Collaboration with businesses provides Collegiate DECA members realistic insight into functions and industries. Members will have the opportunity to meet and network with various business professionals throughout the year, as well as students on campus and across the nation.


Collegiate DECA members are empowered through experience to become tomorrow's leaders. Members will enhance their professional skills through real-world business simulations and case studiess.


Collegiate DECA members will develop lifelong friendships during their time with DECA. Members have the opportunity to forge these friendships with other students and business professionals at both professional and social events throughout the year.

Our Events

We offer year round opportunities designed to hone your professional skills.

Workshops & Panels

University of Michigan's Collegiate DECA administers various workshops throughout the year on resume-building, business communication, interviewing, and more. Collegiate DECA hosts internship panels with University of Michigan students sharing real-life internship experiences. All workshops and panels aim to prepare members for their future.

Guest Speakers

University of Michigan's Collegiate DECA brings speakers from all backgrounds to discuss their experiences in the business world, as well as the techniques and doctrines needed to succeed. From large corporations to startups to local business owners, each speaker provides insight into the challenges and struggles they have faced and overcome.

Competitive Events

Every year, University of Michigan participates in the Collegiate DECA State and National Competitions alongside other colleges and universities. The University of Michigan has proved to be a formidable competitor, often winning more than a third of the awards at the State Competition. Competitions are open to all who wish to participate and test their business skills against other students. In preparation, University of Michigan's Collegiate DECA offers training sessions, mentoring, and practice tests to ensure members perform at their best.

Social Events

Members have the opportunity to network with other students and business professionals at DECA social activities throughout the year. Social events range from team dinners to Intramural Sports teams to philanthropy events. All members are invited to attend as many of these events as they wish.

Our Committees

Committee participation is an excellent way to stay involved, work with professionals, and network with other students.


Plans and executes fundraising events to support professional and social activities throughout the year. Members assist the chair in budgeting, collecting dues, and handling state conference expenses.

Membership Development

Coordinates new member recruitment and membership unification. Members have the opportunity to plan social events for members, including our end of the year banquet, Intramural Sports teams, and philanthropic activities.

Professional Development

Organizes panels, workshops, and business recruiting events. Members have the opportunity to be involved in the event planning process from start to finish. Tasks include serving as speaker liaisons, promoting events internally, reserving rooms, and assisting with day-of procedures.

Marketing & Communications

Manages all Collegiate DECA branding, including the website and social media handles. Members create content for monthly newsletters and maintain a photo database of Collegiate DECA events.


Elisia de Smet
Elisia De Smet


Vice President

Tyler Hoffman
Tyler Hoffman

Director of Finance

Connor Matthews
Connor Matthews

Director of Membership Development

Michael Shay
Michael Shay

Director of Membership Development

Jimmy Castellano
Jimmy Castellano

Director of Professional Development

Madhura Kumar
Madhura Kumar

Director of Professional Development

Director of Marketing & Communications

Sharon Kang
Sharon Kang

Director of Operations

Sarah Zimmerman
Sarah Zimmerman

Faculty Advisor

Interested in Joining?

Membership is open to all University of Michigan undergraduate students.


  • Sign up at one of our recruiting events at the beginning of the school year.
  • Attend one of our events.
  • E-mail us at


Members are required to pay dues of $45 for new members and $30 for returning members. Dues go toward chapter, state, and national Collegiate DECA membership. Dues can be paid in cash, through credit or debit card, or online through PayPal. Please contact the Vice President of Finance with any questions.