Official Rules according to Bicycle (adapted for head-to-head setup)



  1. Game is played with two teams of two, sitting alternating.
  2. Game is played with 24 cards – 9 through Ace.
  3. First team to score 10 or more points wins game.


  1. Cut cards; high card designates 1st dealer (deal passes left after each hand). Each player recieves 5 cards dealt 3-at-a-time to each player, followed by 2-at-a-time. The remaining 4 cards are placed down in front of the dealer, who then turns up the top card.
  2. Player to dealer’s left begins bidding. Player can tell dealer to pick up the card turned up, or pass. If no one "orders the card up", first player can bid the suit he chooses. Bidding completed, player to left of dealer opens play, or deals new hand if no trump has been declared.


  1. Player leading may play any card. After a suit has been lead, players must follow suit. If a player does not have suit, then they may play any suit of their choosing.
  2. Points are scored as follows:

1 point: Trump partners winning 3 or 4 tricks.

2 points: Trump partners winning 5 tricks.

1 point: Lone hand winning 3 or 4 tricks.

4 points: Lone hand winning 5 tricks.

2 points: Euchre – either lone hand or partnership


  1. Renegging occurs when a player does not follow suit when they are required to.   If caught before the trick has finished, the player may pick up his card without penalty.  If renegging is caught after the next trick/hand has begun, the offending player’s team will have two points removed from their score (4 if occuring during a loner hand).



  1. The Campus Championships will be set up in traditional head-to-head bracket style. It will be a single elimination tournament, with opponents playing best two-out-of-three games. The winners will be crowned Campus Champions, and will travel to Orlando, FL to represent the University of Michigan in the 2000 National Championships March 12-16. The winners will also recieve a trophy and championship baseball caps.