On April 14th , 2000, Co-Founder and President of the Euchre League/Society Matthew J. Nolan resigned from office.   "It's time to pass the torch...I just don't have time to be 'that guy' anymore," Nolan said in his email resignation.  "I still love Euchre and will be active, but I don't want the president to be someone who holds authority for too long."

    Many tears were shed at Nolan's final "in office" Euchre Night, with the plurality of those coming from Secretary Jun Takayasu.   "Who's going to cover my ass when I forget to send out the emails now?" Takayasu sobbed.  He won't have to worry about that for long, though, as newly appointed President Jim Stachowiak promply gave Takayasu the boot and inserted buddy Mike Roush.  "Yes, I'm a Communist," was Jim's statement, as he left Takayasu for dead.

    Despite his lack of humanity, Nolan believes that Stachowiak will do a very good job.  "Jim has all the skills you need to be Euchre President...two eyes, ears, fingers...he even has working legs!"  Many questions have arisen regarding just why Nolan stepped down, ranging from Communist pressures to realizing that he is a loser.  Nolan, however, offered his own explanation.   "I was recently elected Communications Chair for MSA (Michigan Student Assembly), and I don't feel comfortable taking on both time commitments.  Also, I will hopefully set a precedent by only serving one term...hint, hint." 

    Nolan's term was the most eventful (and only) term in Euchre League history.  During his reign the group became a registered student group, inflated its email list to 58 members, and held a campus wide tournament with top prizes being trips to Walt Disney World!  Although he probably won't be missed, Nolan's legacy will forever leave its mark on the League/Society...