Charter for the Euchre League/Society

Article I: Purpose

The Euchre League will exist to provide students an opportunity to get together with other euchre players and have fun. The purpose of the Society is to provide a group in which euchre players can take pride in being a part of, hone their euchre skills, and have a damn good time.

Article II: Composition

The Euchre League will be a campus wide body composed of anyone who wishes to join. The Euchre Society will consist of select members of the League, and will begin with ten charter members. The League shall take place each semester, beginning winter term 2000, with a regular season, consisting of random pairing, and an ensuing postseason, composed of the top teams from season play. The top four finishers in the tournament each semester, not already Society members, will be invited into the Euchre Society. The top finishers in the tournament will be first invited, then runners up, then third place (losers to the winners in the Semifinals), etc. Members will be inducted only during the award ceremony following the Championship match.

Article III: Organization

Although the Euchre League and Society will maintain an informal atmosphere, organization is needed to insure that policies are carried out and details are not overlooked. There will be a President, responsible for chairing all meetings and presiding over all matches; a Vice President, to fill in for the president in times of absence, and to serve as second in chain of command; a Treasurer, responsible for collection of dues, management of funds, and third in chain of command; a Secretary, responsible for recording all decisions, and fourth in chain of command. These four officers shall hold weekly meetings to discuss the status and future of the League, and to handle all managerial tasks. Each office shall be voted upon originally by the charter members, and held until graduation or resignation. Upon vacancy of a seat, an election will be held among all current members of the society to fill the position.

Article IV: Distinction between the League and the Society

The Euchre League will be open to any student wishing to play Euchre on campus. The Euchre Society is a body WITHIN the league, reserved for the "best of the best." (See above for admission.) The society will be responsible for all organization and duties related to the league, and will also serve as the governing body for it. The officers of the society are also the officers for the league. Also, society members shall have entry fees for all tournaments waived.

Article V: Funding

There will be an entry fee for the League each semester. Each member of the society shall be responsible for paying membership dues, which shall be decided upon by the officers each semester. These combined monies shall pay for all facility rentals, food, beverage, and trophies not covered by other means of funding. In the event that funds do not cover these costs, fund-raisers may be held, which all members would be expected to participate in.

Article VI: Ratification and Amending

This document shall be deemed official upon being signed and dated by all charter members. It may be amended, but only by unanimous vote among the officers, and a 2/3 majority of all current society members.


Amendment I: Rules of Play (Passed 7-0-1, October 28, 1999)

I.    General Information

  1. The game of Euchre is played with two teams consisting of two players. The deck of cards consists of all cards from nine to ace of a standard poker deck. Also, either the fives or the sixes and fours are used as score cards.

II. The Deal

  1. The first dealer of the game shall be determined by one person flipping cards one by one starting with the player to his left, and continuing clockwise to each player. The first to receive a black jack has the first deal.
  2. The dealer shall offer the player to his right a cut. The dealer then will deal cards in two-three or three-two fashion. There should remain four cards, the first of which, the trump card, is flipped face up and placed on top of the remaining three cards.

III. Calling Bids

  1. The player to the dealer’s left has the first opportunity to make a bid. He may either tell the dealer to pick up the trump card, or he may pass. The same procedure applies for the other two players. If the call gets to the dealer, he may either pick up the trump card, or he can pass and flip the card over.
  2. If the dealer passes, the player to his left may call any trump, except for what was originally flipped up in the deal, or he may pass. The same procedure applies for the next two players. If the call comes back to the dealer, he must call a specific trump. There is no "no trump", "reverse-no trump", nor "pass".
  3. A player may elect to go alone, that is, to play without the assistance of his partner. The player must announce this fact before play has begun. The player going alone may not take his partner’s best card, or any of his partner’s cards.

IV. Play

  1. After a trump is called, the person left of the dealer leads a card. All players must follow suit, unless he does not have that suit. If this is the case, the player may either trump the trick, of play an off-suit.
  2. If a player plays a trump or an off-suit, and has a card of the suit lead, then he has reneged. Only the two opposing players may call a renege. Persons outside of the game may not interfere with play by telling players what to play, or calling reneges. If a player reneges and is caught, the opposing team is awarded two points.
  3. No table talk is allowed. If a team is caught table talking, the opposing team is awarded two points.
  4. Play out of turn results in one point for the opposing team.
  5. All five tricks must be played.

V. Scoring

  1. The game is played to ten points. To earn one point, the team calling trump must take at least three tricks. If the team takes all five tricks, then it is awarded two points.
  2. If the team that does not call trump takes three tricks, then the round is declared a "euchre" and the team is awarded two points. The team does not receive four points if it takes all five tricks during a euchre.
  3. If a player elects to go alone and takes all five tricks, he is awarded four points. If he can only take three or four tricks, he only receives one point.
  4. If the team opposing a loner takes a euchre, it is only awarded two points.

VI.    Variations

  1. The U of M Euchre Society does not endorse any of the following variations of the game:
  1. Farmer’s Hand
  2. No Trump
  3. Reverse No Trump
  4. Ace No Face
  5. KKK
  6. Partner’s Best
  7. Poker For a Point

The only technique endorsed by the Society is "Screw the Dealer."