Joining the Euchre League


    Joining the Euchre League is easier than getting into MSU...all you have to do is show up to one of our open Euchre nights, which take place Thursdays at 8:30 in the University Club at the Union, and sign our email sheet.  If this seems too much work, and you just want to get all of our cool information without actually coming to play euchre, that's fine too!  You can call (734)764-8722 and ask for Jim Stachowiak, or email the group at   If you think that Jim Stachowiak is a jerk and you don't want to communicate with him, you can contact any other officer as well (emails listed on the officer page). 

    Beginning with the Winter term 2001, we will be organizing an actual league for competition.  This will be comprised of weekly matches, a schedule, the whole nine yards.  We will finish the League with playoffs of the best teams during the regular season, and crown a champion team at an awards ceremony with many high ranking officials from the University.  Either that, or we'll buy them a pizza...we haven't decided.  Either way, get ahold of us and sign up!

    No experience is necessary to belong to the Euchre League.   We have many excellent players, but we also have people who still aren't sure why there are pictures on some of the cards and not of the others.  Whether newcomer or pro, the Euchre League is the place for you!