Joining the Euchre Society


The Euchre Society is much more exclusive than the Euchre League.  As outlined in the Charter, the Society serves as the governing body for the League.  The ten charter members instantly became Society members, but new membership is difficult to attain.  Beginning with Winter term 2000, a league with weekly schedules of matches will take place each semester.  After the regular season, teams with top records will participate in the playoffs.  The final two teams remaining (4 people) will be invited to join the Euchre Society.  Induction will take place at the award ceremony at the end of each semester, along with League awards.

Society members are expected to participate heavily in all euchre league and society sponsored events, as well as publicizing and promoting the group at all possible moments.   Dues will be paid each semester, but all entry fees to tournaments and leagues will be waived.  It is a great honor to be considered among the Society.